Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Why did LACOE misappropriate COVID-19 funds?

  1. After twelve years should they be able to add subtract multiply and divide ? says:

    There are possible explanations:
    Ms Torres believes that the magic fairy will sprinkle fairy dust on each graduate and just like Cinderella they will meet their future employer at the graduation ceremony –

    Ms Torres has no idea the auditorium at Crozier was recently renovated for multimedia wonder stage production, or that both Inglewood and Morningside High auditoriums are of sufficient size to accommodate the few graduates of the low student enrollment schools

    Ms Torres wanted the students to see the inside of facilities she has not prepared them to visit as guests.

    Ms Torres considers preparing students as future third class employees is her mission and was able to say look right here you can apply for that minimum wage job.
    – – – – –
    Inglewood Residents and Parents should be very concerned and annoyed !

    This foolish expense seems like a pathetic frosting on the cake of a leadership failure.

    US News education rankings reflect that Morningside and Inglewood High Students are not prepared to compete in the post high school world. Math rankings are particularly distressing with only 6% proficiency among Morningside High students and 5% proficiency among Inglewood High students Reading is only a bit better with less than 30% proficiency !

    What that means is most of our students will not be able to get a job if they are competing with students of other districts. Precious few will even be able to comprehend the job description provided about any employment opportunity considered a career.

    Isn’t that a sweet reality the mayor sings his own praise that Billionaires came to town to destroy our quality of life and Ms Torres chooses to give a Billionaire tax money which she should have used so our students could answer the complex word problem how many math and reading books could you buy for $100,000.00?

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