Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Why are certain invoices sent to the Inglewood Claims Review Committee and others aren’t

  1. So it appears that this is only place residents have of knowing that employees have considered seeing the city and opted to accept settlements.
    Could this explain why we did not see the payment made to former finance department whistleblower Barbara Ohno on the warrant register?
    It should raise concern that there have been settlements which the Mayor has referred to as nuisance cases, with at least one he acknowledged as $50,000.00.
    While it may seem a petty sum for someone getting $400,000.00 + in pensions and salary each year, the reality is with so many women raising lawsuits we the taxpayers should tell the council behavior which causes employees to feel they have grounds to sue will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTABLE.
    Employees deserve to be treated with respect every day and their concerns taken seriously rather than being “paid off” and devalued as disgruntled females who are nuisances .

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