Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Where’s my DNA?

  1. “Basically Mayor Butts passively’-aggressively bullied us into taking the test.” – shame on you for posting this letter as an article that in your opinion deserves the public’s attention. We are all in a deadly pandemic and you are supporting the disapproval/lack of support in a major effort to save lives. The purpose behind getting testing has NOTHING to do with the Mayor, and where the Mayor chooses to get tested has zero relevance to anyone. “Why is Mayor Butts forcing us to give the Government our DNA when I haven’t exhibited any symptoms?”- you are giving the public FALSE information, during the virus’ incubation period you do not yet display any symptoms yet you are CONTAGIOUS, therefore getting tested will prevent you from getting others sick (or even worse death). Mayor Butts (And literally any decent human being) could care less about your DNA, he wants you to be able to resume work without getting infected.

    1. Thank you Lisa for taking the time to share your thoughts. You have NO right to dispute how a person feels about what was mandated by the mayor and not the Human Resources department. This directive should have come from Jose Cortes, HR Director.

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