Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Where is Inglewood’s Chief Financial Officer?

  1. So David Esparza has been Chief Finance Officer since 2013 and in seven years hasn’t learned how basic accounts receivable write offs are supposed to be handled .

    MAYBE there is an explanation
    – how about a half million bucks doesn’t seem like a lot of money ? After all the $438,017.00 over seven years is no big deal … ones perspective changes as being paying for groceries becomes less of a challenge – – David by himself (no other employees included) cost Inglewood taxpayers $427,572.67*. LAST YEAR – as in one year not not all seven years!

    To be fair, part of that is for his health benefits and pension – but still at $315,000.00 per year salary it is hard to relate to the residents making a tenth of that so he can live the high life..

    Perhaps Mayor Butts would like us to each deprive our children more to reward the other execs

    How about this concept his Assistant Finance Director is the Second highest paid Assistant Finance Director in California ,

    Clearly keeping the peasants away from city hall has advantages
    A) they can’t complain if they can’t get in
    B) they can’t complain if the operator claims there is no one on the line
    C) and if they have limited access to information and their elected they can easily be ignored

    1. They have exchanged their integrity for money. Mayor Butts knows their weakness and exploits it to benefit himself. Problem is, the treasurers seat has zero value to him. Have you heard of a city clerk being covered under the employees union? Yvonne Horton does. She also gets to retire and give the city $6500 in exchange for the city paying her medical premiums for LIFE. City Clerk wields a LOT of power. You think it’s a coincidence Butts continued to get more and more votes under Horton? What can the treasurer do? Poor Wanda can’t get the same as the others because her seat has no ability to be manipulated for Butts’ gain and that’s a good thing!

  2. Thank you for sharing for an accounting perspective how accounting departments should function!!

    Clearly lack of performance should have earned David Esparza a farewell notice rather than pay raises and bonuses year after year. But then again given his role in the misuse of public funds intended to help the poor while employed at HACLA -housing authority of Los Angeles, of public funds, he probably would not have been hired by any group who desired someone with integrity

    Koike has good reason to support anything James Butts says. Her job history shows that she has been surrounded by corruption in prior jobs at the Central and West Basin Water Districts – where she was controller…..she may have never worked in a properly operated and transparent agency.
    The residents of Inglewood should not be expected to reward these highly non functional employees the roughly $26,000.00 a month for David Esparza and $14,000.00 a month for Koike (benefits not included) to make Mayor Butts feel good by agreeing with his misrepresentation.

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