Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: When will Inglewood demand Mayor Butts resign?

  1. We are quick to try to DESTROY our own people. No evidence has been provided to tell both sides of the story yet people are making judgments and recall remarks. SMH
    Meanwhile Mike Pompeo and his wife are spending and living lavishly on our tax dollars, no words or remarks on that! Our VOTING RIGHTS are at stake, no remarks on that!! Black people quickly try to DESTROY their own!! Church mouse quiet on the RUTHLESS white men!! SMFH!!

  2. There are far too many retired Santa Monica police officers who would be willing to testify to the fact that every accusation against Butts is absolutely true and apparent. Nothing is taken out of context. These are the same ex-police personnel who would gladly appear in a civil deposition hearing, swearing under oath, that Butts is not only a sexual predator and a bully, he’s also compulsive liar.
    This is clearly evidenced by his falsification of residence address when he first ran for Inglewood mayor. Butts cost the City of Santa Monica millions of dollars in various lawsuits and legal fees in defending his position and his flawed leadership. It’s only a matter of time until he’s indicted.

    1. PLEASE contact Carl Douglas and Gloria Allred’s law offices and share the names and information with them.

      Jimmy Butts needs to finally be held accountable for sexually assaulting and hypnotizing women and bullying, intimidating and retaliating against both men and women for many many years.

      Butts is a predator and not fit for office!

  3. Mayor Butts and entire administration need to vacate CITY HALL by Calif State officials/ controller/financial dept/forensic audit/RICO/FBI/STATE INVESTIGATORS/MENTAL EVALUATION ON MAYOR BUTTS/ HE IS THE FALL GUY

    1. Billion Godsun you’re talking #FACTS.

      Artie Fields, Jose Cortes, David Esparza, Kenneth Campos, Sharon Kroike, Yakema Decatur, George Dotson, Alex Padilla, Eloy Morales and Dionne Faulk, even though she was just elected, need to be shown the door.

      They all enable and normalize Mayor Butts’ sexual predatory, bully and ill-mannered behavior by looking the other way and not speaking up.

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