Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: When will Black men stop degrading Black women?

  1. To answer the question – men will stop degrading women when women stop them !

    Every single, married or widowed woman has got to say ENOUGH , NO MORE.
    That means no more “poor baby” excuse making for these abusers, no more “well he won’t treat me like her” delusions -yes he will,

    No more “boys will be boys”.Simply NO MORE,!!!!

    Call every council member, MTA board member , the 5 female county board of supervisors ….and here is a thought call auntie Maxine ! (Ya gotta wonder since she was so loud about Trump’s womanizing WHY IS MAXINE SILENT ABOUT zipdown Jimmie ?
    Could it be that the fees to appear in the “Maxine urges you to vote flyer” have already been paid.?

    And speaking of those who should be embarrassed that they ever supported the zipper challenged narcissist ….where are all our fine upstanding, ready-to-pose-with mr-needs-a-foot-massage bishops, preachers, and deacons? why have they been so silent? Is it because they too were kissing something other than their wives lips ?

    Church Ladies put on your Sunday-Go-to-meeting-clothes or an old house dress and tell this guy and every male in your path ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND THIS MUST STOP. NOW !!

    As for the association with SnoopDog “king of chauvinism” by insult and deed it is time for women to Take control over what comes through the airwaves into our homes .

    This election you may want to vote for whoever is not in office rather than the ones in charge today,

    And it you see a term limit petition circulating sign it so who don’t have to put up with this guy for another 20 years!

  2. Just watched today’s city council meeting.

    The Mayor and city council members are a DISGRACE, DISRESPECTFUL and DISMISSIVE.

    Every Inglewood resident should be EMBARRASSED by the LACK OF LEADERSHIP!

    Jimmy Butts, George Dotson, Alex Padilla, Eloy Morales, Dionne Faulk and Aisha Thompson need to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!

    And Artie Fields, Kenneth Campos, David Esparza, Jose Cortes and who ever is responsible for the phone lines need to be FIRED!

    They’re the reason why white people always think communities of color are a joke and beneath the neighborhoods they live in.

    Hopefully voters will wise up, clean house and demand better representation for their tax $$$ when the next election cycle rolls around.

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