Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

9 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: What is Craig Cornwell holding over the Compton city council?

  1. Thank you Galvan and Bowers for holding strong against the strong arm tactic Doo Doo Brown tried to pull.

    Basically, it is we extend Corndick or we in trouble. We cant appoint another person cause it is not on the agenda. We in dire straights if we dont give Corndixk his extension.

    We dont got options. Compton is going to crumble. We NEED Corndick because we violating City Charter. I got shit on my desk that needs signing by the City Manager. Well, Corndick is your homeboy and since you libe in Compton he can get to your house in 10 minutes.


    Here is something for you Doo Doo Brown. Compton WILL always exist!! When i see shit tactics by you for not thinking in advance about a possible replacement if the contract doesnt go thru. This tactic worked on Enema Sharif by how she was afraid of violating the Charter and voting yes. When i see you working and sweating like shit on Zoom, i hope your tactic fails.

    Michelle Chambers start saying, we NEED Corndick more than ever now. Cause we need his leadership to handle our crumbling financial infrastructure cause the STate auditors is gonna come after us. She forgot the MUTHERFOKKER asked for a annual raise YEARLY!!

    And damn, she put Bowers right in his place on the first meeting! I AM speaking now, so could you like shut the fuk up Bowers.

    Gangsta move.

    We should just pretend the Corndick is on vacation. Like a fuking LONG ASS vacation.

    I broke my promise about continuing on Monday. And have a great night and to Corndick’s staff:


  2. Council meeting is STILL in closed session. I wanna know if Corndick gets to stay or go. He didnt look so well today, sneaking and crawling his way to his office.

    He looked kinda constipated. Mumbling that if they didnt extend his contract he still got his tai chi. So he all good.

    He is hella worried though that some other City Manager will be warming their ass on the black furnitures that he personally pick at City expense.

    “Woe is me!” da nijja says to no one.

    His assistant Triphenia says “woe me too!” I cant buy no double cheezeburger no more, just single cheeseburger.

    Michael stutters that he still got his dad in law to hook his ass up. He going to try and start a rapping career with Brandon “i got a restraining order against my wife” mims or maybe “Bankrupt Brandon” cause he is City treasurer and KNOWS finance.

    Block this BITCH!

  3. Craig you are a Hot dumb mess. You know good and dam well Betty Yee, state auditor didn’t recommend you to run a rat looking for cheese.
    You went to school to be a lawyer and couldn’t do do that right; less face it you are sorry!
    Just pack your office and go away.

  4. Dumbwell needs to go!! Dumbwell use to be a honest person, then got in bed with the devils; Aja, Michelle, doo doo Brown, Alita and Doug.
    God is having his way with you liars and thiefs!

  5. Dumbbell isn’t smart enough to hold something over someone head…. the question is why are they trying so hard to push Dumbwell contract.
    Anyone can see the devils
    are at work….God’s got this, watch and see🙏

  6. It’s a Saturday. We should all take a break, enjoy July 4th, and then continue picking on Corndick on Monday.

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