Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Water Replenishment District needs diversity in their hiring!

  1. I thank my God everyday that I LEARNED early to not trust the men who claimed to be His representative on earth but to search out God’s word when seeking God’s will.

    Time after time when public employment vacancies occur I have heard men with collars or robes descend from their pulpits to lend “justification” for not seeking the best qualified in order to promote their friends or political allies.

    The Holy Bible -“God’s Word” from Genesis to Revelation over and over encourages the pursuit of of knowledge and wisdom with a tidy little recap summing it up in 2 Timothy with STUDY TO SHOW THEYSELF APPROVED A WORKMAN WHO NEEDETH NOT BE ASHAMED. Study was celebrated when Moses was trained in the house of the King and , study was celebrated when David was preparing to be King.

    Study in the appropriate field is important for those making decisions which impact all our lives. I don’t care how many lawsuits someone has studied when I need a surgeon I want a Medical professional, and when I need an attorney I won’t be asking the car mechanic to represent me in court.

    No one , NOT , Robles-DeWitt and not the preachers association should forget this is about our water ! They are Not making a decision to be taken lightly! This is Not about fashion, it is Not about entertainment, and it is not about tourism , Water Safety Is Important to all of us!

    To say “the other agencies don’t have engineers” sounds more like the junior high child saying Billiy’s parents let Billy…..appealing to the lowest of denominators.

    At no time should finding the best candidate mean we throw out qualifications and focus on appearance !!!! This isn’t a beauty pageant where there they even pretend the ability to answer questions is important, We don’t need a pretty poster child !

    It is a sad day when politicians and ministers choose to sacrifice our public safety for a skin tone sound bite.

    Let us get real – HYDROLOGY or Water Science Education should have been the focus of the entire employment discussion as to who will be in charge of the most important natural resource upon which we rely. Surely with only 15 % of Hispanics, and only 22% African Americans entering college we can all see those specializing in Environmental Science graduates may not all look like the community today but that shouldn’t mean we throw scientific education out of the qualification equation !

    Let’s focus on getting our minority students (those who look like such) inspired to become the very important scientific professionals.

    In the the meantime let the non-re-elected Robles utilize his Law degree in the private sector rather than burden rate payers with his potentially outrageous spiked pension!

  2. Gloria Gray is the Chair of Metropolitan Water District and the President of West Basin water district. From this letter both have white male General Managers without engineering degrees and one without a college degree. The water districts are corrupt. See a pattern here?

      1. Lord knows they should be !…. can you imagine a world when we elected based on education, experience and oh that other thing -commitment to the community rather than the political musical chair game Or votes for their contributors contracts?

    1. GMs are hired by their boards at their discretion. On a five member board that means 3 votes. All other postions are hired by the GM the job descriptions are mostly created by the HR director subject to approval and formal creation by the board. The position needs be budgeted by board approval.
      West Basin’s GM has only a high school diploma. At least 4 other Southern California water districts have hired former board members. 1 had 14 years on his board had a 4 year degree and owned a State Farm Insurance Agency, 1 was 12 years on his board and practicing CPA and the last one was 18 years on his board wth a high school diploma and an Eagle Scout Certification, he owned a waste disposal business and had filed for bankruptcy a couple of years earlier. This guy retired las year serving 15 years as GM his initial employment contract was for $375k annually with 75 vacation days annually. All four of the aforemention GMs were white men.
      In comparison Rolbes has 26 years on the WRD Board, a double bachelors degree Boulder Colorado, a masters in Public Administration from USC, and Law Degree for Berkely. Moerover Robles is Internationally recognized as the #1 groundwater law expert in the world! The only thing Robles does not have is white skin.
      The real question is who in the Water industry outsidr of the the local West, Central Basins and WRD politics would not hire Robles… I interviewed 8 directors from North to South California they unanimously said that Robles would easily a Top consideratin if they had and opening. I also had they ability to interview the GM before the Current GM Rob Whitaker. He had worked with Robles as a boardmember and Whitataker as an employee of WRD. I was told that Robles 20 years ago would have been Qualifed to be GM at WRD and would have been a better choicie than Whitaker.
      So what is really going on here? The focus has become clear WRD Attorney Francisco Leal is sabotaging Robles. Robles is the only one qualified to challenge his legal work and opinions and Robles had as a boardmember. Leal is as weak as they come in water distirict law his backgound is Cities and School District. Leal has only 1 prior water client and he lost confidence of that board in a few weeks. Seeing his contract thereatened he instigated problems among the board causing millions wasted on board infighting. Once he secured a contract as the legislative lobbbyist at almost the same rate for 18 ,onths he threw the board members and employees that supported him under the bus. BTW he has same MO at other city and school boards once his contract is threatened. Example City of Commerce.
      I also took the liberty to review FEC filiings for the the 9 congressional members that wrote the letter to WRD.. Leal has contributed to all 9 of their campaings some contributions are big donations in excess of $1k. Leal’s admission of being unable to out negotiate Robles on the employment contract validates his imcompetence and weakness. The board shoould give hime the boot and consolidate the GM and Attorney position allowing the GM/Board Attorney to farm out certain projects to real water firms as needed. This could save WRD 1/2 million dollars a year or more.

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