Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Was the Inglewood City Clerk given a raise to fix our elections

  1. Oh the tangled web they weave…when the residents they try to deceive
    The sticky web is designed to entrap all whose vision is so distracted they do not see its danger

    June 24 City Clerk Thompson posted her invite to the Summer Bash including the Register to vote for the November Election comment.

    At that time there was no November election scheduled for Inglewood ! !

    There were no county, state, or federal measures, no county, state, or federal public offices vacancies . The Inglewood website indicates that City Council members, Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer , School Board members are elected in even numbered years – – 2021 is not an even number.

    August 3 Inglewood City Council members voted to create the Transit Occupancy Tax and The Property Transfer Tax increase measures which would then require a November Election. The staff report indicates the revenue may be used to fund the People Mover -overhead rail service -transporting game event attendees from the Florence Transit Center to the Stadium and Arena.

    August 24 the Inglewood City Council voted to increase Thompson’s salary from $ 8,694.00 per month ($ 104,328.00/year) to $ 9,604.00 per month ($ 115,248.00 per year ).
    **Benefits are approximately $40,000.00 more.

    The devil is indeed in the details…And some might say this sticky web of falsehoods is designed to trap
    Inglewood residents into allowing Billionaires to profit at resident expense.

    The Council members have acted in complete disregard for the impacts they made affecting the community by their irresponsible devotion to give the Billionaires permits not requiring sufficient parking and insisting our homes and small businesses have no value in future they Envision.

    Benefit for a few Billionaires at the expense of the residents IS NOT PROGRESS it is abusive oppression.

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