Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: They shootin’ in Compton on Mothers Day

  1. Wow! They’re still shooting in Compton! The problem seems to be that “They are shooting at the wrong people!” Yes, on Mother’s Day, which happens to be my Birthday, several shots rang out very near my home. And, in deed, the Sheriffs helicopter responded swiftly, but too late, However, it’s not the bullets that are killing us. It’s the ignorance of some who say, “Murder” the most serious crime in civilization is not the responsibility of the current Mayor! If making citizens safe is not the primary responsibility of the highest office holder in our municipality, then what is? Those who continue to make excuses for her subject the rest of us to the continuing dangers of the headless horseman style politics that have haunted our city since her election. She is responsible, not for the murders, but for the lack of a municipal response to address them! And, if this sickness does not stop, and if we as a citizenry don’t elect someone who will hold their own feet to the hot fire of responsibility, then we are doomed to dwell in the house of death, until the killers decide to stop! Ain’t that an itch?

  2. Article is a joke. Its obvious how you just try to find everything and anything to blame the mayor. You have a personal agenda against her and all SMART PERSONS know that. But we get it. You are just doing what you are being pay for to do. You have Bill’s too. I hope you put that much energy into your city as well.
    Now, the mayor is no super hero to be able to stop all the violence in Compton. How bout you let people know that we as parents can help by teaching our kids right from wrong? Or exposing sherriff dept for only doing the minimal to help the residents. Yet you believe that all the blame should be on the mayor. Sad to say that you are focusing on the people that believe EVERYTHING you write and to me that’s very disrespectful to those people. But I guess if it’s ok for those who am I to say stop doing it. Just hope the people realize sooner than later that this articles are to decide the community and to stand united.

    1. It’s not the Sheriffs job to raise our children and most parents are doing the right thing, it’s what happens when our kids are out of our sight. Mayor Brown was regularly doing community chats and publicly vilifying Sheriff Villanueva, and it’s unfortunate that a former mayor is discussing the violence in the city more than the current administration or those running in the June ballot. This article derives from his Facebook video on the matter. Catch up.

    2. Interesting response, as the letter clearly states it was submitted by Marvin McCoy, which leads me to ask is your response is sincerely from a good place or are you working an agenda as you’re alluding to with 2urbangirls ?

      As for the letter I reluctantly wrote the letter but was compelled after seeing the former Mayor’s video whom appears to be the only adult in the room who has even attempted to address the now 22 deaths that has occurred in Compton ,since the beginning of the year.

      As to this notion thst the Mayor isn’t responsible for murders or crime ? Well no she isn’t responsible for pulling the trigger in itself. But Mayor’s and elected officials are expected to address crime and for any elected official to completely ignore or fail to address 22 murders in less than 5 months should alarm everyone.

      Additionally the leading candidate to replace Mayor Brown refuses to address the violence or murders but instead only offers prayers.

      Compton isn’t in a position to elect an experiment or a feel good story when violence and murder is ripping this city apart

    3. Say what you want, Omar Bradley as Mayor of Compton, did so much more than this present shouldn’t be mayor ever could. Open you eyes. Her interest is “self”. Look at the streets, sides of the freeway, crime… oh, that’s right crime is not her-the mayor’s- responsibilityLOL not

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