Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: The writing’s on the wall

  1. My vision for Los Angeles is to clean up the City and County streets of all trash and debris. No one should be Homeless. City and County sanitation workers should be cleaning daily the streets, policemen handling all people with care, metro transportation authority keeping their bus/train depots clean, Liquor stores need regulations, The homeless people and their belongings should be taken to a location where they can live with a bathroom, laundry room , food distribution, medication and recreation. Children need etiquette classes in their schools, they should be taught trade skills in high school. BUT NO ONE CARES ABOUT OTHERS! Only themselves!

  2. Thank you Cheryl so much I am so sorry you are going through this and God knows your passion for sharing this information and understanding had to be difficult as we relive those things and traumas so I hope you are doing better and truly where we are today is the reality that one man or President is not going to save the United States of America and yes you are correct the word was written years ago of this time that we’re living God Bless you and I am praying for our ability to live through what’s to come without suffering.

  3. This is got to be one of the hardest elections because most of these people are doing horrible things supposedly working for the community but they’re not doing anything for the community. We used to even have people come around doing food drops and now we can’t even get that. These people are only interested in Their own money and agendas. I will not stand for people who promote such things as decriminalization of narcotics as if all these drug attic’s are just gonna run into rehabilitation centers as if there were some to go to! What has happened is a whole bunch of places have opened up under the front of being a sober living just to get people to rent beds or the county to pay for beds but everything goes at these places! More drugs and violence then you can imagine, medical patients being thrown into these type facilities who can’t even get out of their wheelchairs with no staff present! I have seen too much and have been through too much in the past seven months since I became homeless! There are a few places that really care about The people who live there and want to see people move on and recover. For the most part all they want is that county check or peoples disability money. They could care less what conditions the people have to live under. I have been in places that were actually shut down due to bug infestations And the company not paying the rent. I’ve been served with evection notices at places where I had paid rent. This is a scam and they are not supposed to throw people On the street especially during this Covid plan Demic yet there are no beds at the missions and most shelters are closed. They would rather house the chronically homeless, Those people who were already getting disability and have more than enough money to move into some sort of living place but instead they choose to live on the street. They give these people section 8 and other discounted housing as well as free motels and they ruin it for everybody who really needs it! If people really saw the plight of the downtrodden, disabled, elderly, people on fixed income they would really understand that nothing is being done in these communities! The only thing that I can verify is being done is 5G going up everywhere! I have a pacemaker and I didn’t believe it when I was told that it would affect my pacemaker but next thing you know my heart is jumping out of my chest and I go down the street and there’s a 5G tower that’s just gone up or they’re tearing up all the streets, pulling out all the trees for no reason at all and then Putting in those new LED 5G lights. What people do not understand is 5G is listed as a weapon under the department of defense! It causes serious health risks! If you look at all the supposed symptoms of COVID-19 you will see that it matches all the symptoms from 5G! Our bodies were not made to be around this type of Waveforms as we are all electric. This is not a conspiracy theory. This satanic cabal one world government is the biggest conspiracy ever, but it is real it is not a theory! #SilentWeaponsForQuietWars #Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #DePopulation #Genocide

  4. I don’t want to vote for either candidate they don’t represent my views are values when it comes to unbiased opinion

    1. I agree. These politicians do NOTHING for the communities that they are elected to represent, especially the HUNDREDS of homeless. But they will serve illegal aliens faster than LEGAL citizens. This includes other “public servants,” be they Demonrats or the Repulsican party. All of them are self-serving, and out of touch. Politics are totally disgusting now. People are being represented by a few that control the lives of many. Being continually hook-winked has to stop.

  5. If Mr. Martinez is to win the election, it is my hope that he will be fair and ethical moving forward.
    It is clear that his past politics have been questionable at best. Good luck with your campaign.

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