Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

10 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Stop trying to discredit the Inglewood treasurer

  1. I’m not happy with the way Inglewood does business! They offered a residential program where they would replace windows, doors, air/heat in condominium units on Java off Arbor Vitae. They replaced doors and windows. They installed what was suppose to be some type of cooling system that did not work. After complaints, I think they admitted that it did not work. They promised to correct the problem, and for $500 (up front) would throw in central heating. The contractors in these projects are hired by the city, therefore, the city should be responsible. Where are the deposits these people made? City of Inglewood, where are you? You hired these vendors and they keep giving homeowners the run around and plenty of excuses. I feel that something underhanded is going on. Everyone in the city is so busy trying to dodge a run-away Mayor that there is no time to focus on issues that concern the residents!

  2. It’s so sad! I have given up! Look back into the censure of Jim Dear in Carson. Review the Censure meeting and the investigation papers, he sounds like Butts! They finally censured him, promised whistle blower protection for the many employees who gave their accounts of bullying and intimidation and racist comments by Dear. Guess What? He ended up back in the City as a Councilmember, will probably run for Mayor in November and most of the employees who spoke out against him have been forced to leave their jobs!! There are a few employees still there whom he offended, and they are wondering when they will be forced out. Life isn’t fair! I always thought things such as this could not happen, but now I see, with Trump, Butts and others…they get away with murder! Is there no justice?

  3. Straight up Django house ni**a uncle Tom ass coon needs to step down ASAP he’s robbing the peoples that put in office you stabbing your own people in the back that goes to say just because you black don’t mean you black

  4. He thinks he’s a black trump! He forgetting he’s a “ni**a”! All those people he doin crooked shit with, well they just stacking charges on his crooked goatsmellin ass! They can’t wait to bury his black ass. Ask Kwame how they do a ni**a!

  5. The mayer is full of shit. In time all shall come to light.when you let a weisle in the chicken coop shit like this happens.

  6. No respect for none of these people they still owe people!!Some that are resident’s of Inglewood money from a program that was started a few years back .. It a program developed by the either the city or state to help low income families especially the ones the were participating in the section 8 . They told the participants that if they finished some goals (employment school better employment)in 4 years that they would get a lump some incentive to do what ever they wanted either buy a house,car, pay credit off what even need to be done. To make life alittle easier.. They took money and saved it it for these receipts that qualified some forgot about signing these agreements because nothing was ever spoken about it again so life moved on the out the blue there’s a letter in the mail and phone calls to these participants saying that it was time to collect the funds majority of them had finished thier goals. Some participants didnt think it was true and questioned everything because it was only one agreement signed. But was assured as long as the goal were met they were going to get the money.. Some participants even seen checks printed in their names the highest one being $20,000 .. They were told that it was a new person over housing authority and treasure to sign the checks… So because everything was on paper they said they lost the original paperwork few years ago because everything was moved on to computers but they had a list of all names that signed and agreed to the contract so since everything was lost it gave them a reason not to pay the participants and they did everything that was required. They took some bogus notes on the goals that were supposed to be done.. And refised to pay the individuals who had proof of goals ..Then wanted them to sign another contract for the samething to be given 4 year later . Some participants took out loans to cover bills because they were promised.. But the city of Inglewood did not want to give them something they worked for… No respect for Mayor Butts or anyone that voted against to do what was right…

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