Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Shenanigans in the city of Compton

  1. The lie began when the clown council stated that”the needed to appoint Dumbwell as the new city manager. Any one ever served in politics know the state would never recommend you to name your worthless city attorney to serve as you city manager.
    The state auditors don’t recommend sugar to shit.
    Just stop all the bull shit, blind people see what you’re trying to pull.
    Let’s not mention the money your jackass mayor and Dumbwell funneled to the Compton Chamber with regards to the food pantry. Lestean can run a chamber let along a food pantry.
    You guys are mad because all you nigga crooks are being exposed.
    Personally, I have contacted the state, feds and the FBI regarding you liars and thieves.
    See you on CNN,
    No fool!

  2. Wow except for the names Sounds like Inglewood!
    Greed is a many splintered thing .
    The TEAMS that tell the lies that bind make them examples of all we hope our children never emulate.

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