Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Setting the record straight!

  1. Oh dear what short memories ! This very devoted to each other circle of friends are ….well, shall we say generous to each other with rate payer dollars. Katerman who had his own scandal wanted rate payers to cover legal expenses for Robles sexual harassment issues.

    To say this group has been scandal free would mean one been on a deserted island unable to read a newspaper or listen to the news almost as long as the Minow passengers!! It is particularly annoying that it is a woman who devalues another woman’s sexual harassment experience.(But that is a whole different lecture);

    How fascinating it is to say that to place the 25 year elected aka voting member of the board Robles in a pensioned staff position will somehow be bringing “new eyes” to the organization. What ? Changing chairs and salary doesn’t change his eyes.
    What this action accomplishes is giving a friend , who voters rejected at the polls, a full time job and spike his pension ! Hmm haven’t we seen this before ?

    Oh and by the way bringing ethnicity into the mix please ! Really REALLY! Let’s take a look at the Board , for those unaware
    Willard Murray (22 year Board member 4 term assembly member) is an 89 year old African- American
    Robert Katherman (16 year Board member) is half of a bi-racial marriage
    Sergio Calderon (14 year Board member ) is clearly hispanic
    Vera (Elvira) Robles Dewitt (10 year council person) should hardly be the one promoting or attempting to justify this “give our buddy a position” action since her campaign piece of 1992 spoke of “taking government back from slick politicians” and their dynasty.
    That makes John Allen (6 year Board member) the 26 year Los Angeles District Attorney Lawyer guilty of being THE Anglo Saxon.

    Really Vera the three obviously minority voting members couldn’t possibly pick a qualified person from the national without providing pension spiking for Dear Election defected Albert?

    Really ! Water Safety for Residents should be your priority!

    As a Hispanic Female I find your lack of interest in education disgusting!! I prefer someone trained in Hydrology looking out for my water whether that person “looks like me “ or not.
    While “Job creation” for minorities may be important, let us remember this iS NOT a job about a fashion statement!

    Resident Water Quality is the issue not providing your pal with income is not what you were elected to do !! It appears that you have become the “slick politician “ you suggested should not be re-elected.

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