Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Saturday’s NFL game traffic was a nightmare!

  1. It was the same everywhere. People began walking to the stadium from century heading east once you pass la brea. I heard from a friend who lives on the street next to Starbucks on Inglewood/century that his neighbor confronted a group of Colonizers who parked on his street and called an Uber. The Uber driver cancelled the trip because he wanted nothing to do with the situation, and the group of people got in their cars and drove off. Manchester and prairie in all directions were no better. Arbor Vitae heading east from la cienega was also pretty full.

    The unfortunate reality is that the only solution to this is street widening and additional parking lots. That means that people would lose their homes via imminent domain. I am SURE that this is what they want and are eventually planning to do, especially when Inglewood residents who aren’t impacted by this traffic are telling those of us who are to suck it up. It really makes me angry that they are continuing to build right next to the stadium instead of using that land for parking.

  2. Really were you expecting anything different?

    Not to worry,

    Mayor Butts will: ignore your complaints
    call you names ala naysayer, obstructionist,
    say all your issues are only antidotal no basis in his reality
    And THEN tell you that you lack loyalty to his Magnificent Master Plan

    What was it his fan club always shouted if you don’t like move out or shut up?

    Is this what you vote for?

  3. IN THE LAST SIX YEARS, starting when the Forum reopened, James Butts has repeatedly lied and said that traffic from his clumsy development deals is not even a problem, no matter how much traffic there is, how badly that traffic is managed or how much inconvenience or injury nearby residents suffer.

    Not surprisingly, when people come from outside the city for entertainment. when they are rushing in and out, they are not very concerned with the law and the safety of Inglewood’s residents.

    Watch “Inglewood City Council sacrifices traffic safety for Forum business?” on YouTube


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