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8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Non-Agenda Item Inglewood Unified Board meeting May 25, 2021

  1. Just be advised, that Norberto is mentally challenged, he was hired into welfare/attendance department When we went on lock down he received a raise and a promotion, never was board approved ????He has made decisions that are harmful to IUSD , he has eliminated postions that are needed in our district.
    1. He wants Transportation closed and never once thought that our children needs this service, field trips,sports
    2 pushing the disbanment of School police, with no concerns of the safety for children relying on Inglewood Police department to handle our kids.
    3.our communications person position eliminated which again we as employees have to figure out how stay safe who safe,we have the best person Officer Gaulden who takes pride in speaking to our students. The employee who was the Dispatcher was awesome and she monitor and made sure our school grounds were covered.
    3. He has created a work environment that has caused employees stress, separation our district office has approximately 2 African Americans the rest Latinos, no fault of theirs but Perez is just loose and out of control.
    You can tell this man has a power trip because he is never wrong and he lies to just about every one ,Inglewood unified needs to take back the district.Because Erika’Torres doesn’t care about the students or community if she did she would not allow a man with no professionalism, no knowledge of departments he is running, employees walking off the job cause they have been treated so bad . What are we suppose to do they don’t even acknowledge the union rep. Our community needs to know just how awful the district has become .

  2. Perez does not comply by the Union contract. He literally allowed two drivers to loose their bus driver certificates behind being punitive. They were not allowed to take their test on buses that were certified by CHP. Snake cold heartedly took away the livelihood of these women causing them not to be able get another job. After contracting out our work, and not offering us the summer routes. HR is a piece of shit and a waste of time. They turn the blind eye and do not support classified. He’s running everything. Hands in every cookie jar. Perez is a vulture, a two headed snake. Thee only person that can battle him is Johnny. Which is why he put him out on a bogus LOA. Perez came in and dismantled a whole department unlawfully. All CHP 292’s were current and up to date. No one but Perez deemed the buses unsafe. A month later, and the buses still aren’t leaking oil. There are also new buses available for us to transport students. We were not allowed to use them. You have to ask yourself if this is really about safety at all? In the beginning he stated it was the budget. Yet Perez is continuously contracting out work. He’s so disrespectful to the black kings. The gardeners as well as Byron Miller. Byron is a supervisor. A black man. However, he felt comfortable with telling him “to get his ass over here now”. That’s a grown man. He thinks the African American Classified Workers are beneath him. We can’t get help from LACOE because Torres and Duardo are friends. Therefore this guy who was originally hired as CWA and abruptly prompted to COO with NO experience, can come in here and demolish the district. It’s not for the greater good…it’s for his good.

      1. But it wasn’t to help anyone…It was Chris against Cheryl for being in a damn meeting. That wasn’t helping save anyone in Transportation’s job, or any other Classified Employee. Just a damn tantrum that Chris throwing. Try going to Labor Board for something worthy. Maybe like saving our damn jobs. We are all currently trying to figure out how we’re going to survive the next 30 days. Let alone until the end of the summer. Thanks to Perez unlawfully shutting down Transportation. And the Union not fighting his bitch ass. The union lawyers weak too. He directs you back to Chris.

  3. Mark your calendar

    • Wednesday, June 9, 2021
    2:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

    At the Bus Yard – 10500 S. Yukon (MHS)
    Inglewood, CA 90303

    Protest IUSD’s attempt to contract out Transportation!!

  4. The district is able to do this because the union DC36 is weak. Mr. Greaber was letting all the drivers know that they were being laid off and that the district could lay us off until I presented the Ed Code 45103.1, then his rhetoric changed. While Mr. Greaber were in talks with the district to begin the layoff process Mr. Greaber should have stop the district with this code or the union’s contract Article XX which states:
    20.1 Restrictions on Contracting Out:
    20.1.1 The District will not initiate the contracting out of work normally performed by employees with the bargaining unit unless one or more of the following conditions is demonstrated: The bargaining unit employees who would normally perform the work are unavailable;
    For the sake of space I didn’t post the whole article but it was used by me to stop the district from laying the drivers off.
    This is why the district is now saying that the buses are unsafe because they have no legal policy or procedure to shut this department down.
    Ironically the bus company the district used in place of us broken down with students on board.

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