Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: My experience living close to SoFi Stadium

  1. Thank you Renaissance neighbor for telling the truth of your experience.

    This is what we all need to do . Share with others what has changed in our lives since/because Butts has put his team in place to attack our lives.

    He routinely proclaims that when people ask him what has changed in Inglewood he says “everything”.
    That may very well be the only truthful thing he says.

    In the PreButt era Mayors were respectful to residents and small business owners. Our voices and our opinions were considered and actually debated in public meetings as the law provides. Council members returned phone calls themselves and did not distance themselves with multiple layers of non-responsive staff.

    Residents were welcome in the offices they paid for rather than treated like unworthy criminals

    Local children and seniors were more important to the elected than non-resident sport jocks and out-of-state billionaires.

    Inglewood was a place people came to not for an afternoon of entertainment but for their lifetime to raise their families where diversity of ethnicity, faith and finances made us a community which lived, worked, played and grew together.

    We May have not always agreed with Mayor Dorn or Mayor Vincent but both remembered they were men who walked and ate among the community not for show or photo but as part of daily life never accompanied by body guards because they earned genuine respect by respecting others

  2. It’s helpful to remember Butts won the election with almost 60% back in November 2018. He was supported by the LA Clippers, Shaq, Snoop, among others. His opponent, Marc Little, totaling less than about 20% of the vote, was supported by “Sugar” Shane Mosley (who isn’t even a resident of CA or Inglewood, but rather Las Vegas and has a home in PDR), and Kris Jenner. Little’s politics was mostly GOP and he wrote about it in his 2012 book “The Prodigal Republican: Faith and Politics.”

    Given these choices, if you had a re-do, who would you vote for? My guess is none. And that’s problematic when having to choose between a known mendacious candidate or one whose politics are likely out-of-step with most residents of Inglewood.

    The bottomline is that Butts has the political support of people with really, really deep-pockets. The only thing you can do is keep a very close eye on him and *hope* he screws up bad enough that the residents of Inglewood will notice.

    1. No, no, no, WE CAN DO MUCH MORE THAN HOPE

      WE CAN I become informed.
      WE CAN read the staff reports and become aware of what the council is doing.
      WE CAN talk to our neighbors and agree together all residents are valuable human worthy of respect.
      WE CAN show respect for those that disagreeing us and find out if we each have the same information

      DaMaverick seems to have not been aware that there were indeed four candidates for the mayor position. Both of the others who he discounts actually are long term residents of our community unlike the moved in at the last minute carpet bagger currently in office. Each shared our concerns Each studied the issues before us.


      WE CAN stop those who shout the wonderfulness of the mendacious (lying) office holder with truth telling

      WE CAN let outside media that the mayor has insulted those he has sworn to serve with his continuous lies

      WE CAN acknowledge the council “team has mismanaged OUR MONEY.
      WE CAN take back our voices
      WE CAN say “ No, we are done with being the disposable pawns in the BILLIONAIRES game”


      WE CAN acknowledge THE LIAR IS A LIAR and NOT LET HIM CONVINCE US that he is the best we can hope for


      ????? How many think Snoop-who gets credit for the turkeys we buy giveaways, and the Clippers care about the residents of Inglewood.

  3. If Inglewood wants change they must engage. This is abuse and gross misconduct of profits over people. Why the changes now and not earlier? Because the goal is to “clean” and bring “affluent” people to Inglewood. Don’t let this man bully you all.

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