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9 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Morale at Inglewood City Hall is at an all-time low and we are TIRED of being under surveillance by Mayor Butts

  1. My name is Teresa Sanford and I want to set the record straight about the article that has my name in it.
    I was a public servant for over 32 years with over 27 years in housing at Inglewood. I started my housing career as an Inspector, promoted to Housing Specialist and then Supervisor. My expertise in each area of the housing authority afforded me the knowledge to promote into each position. My title change and modest increase in pay from Housing Supervisor to Assistant Housing Manager, in my opinion, was simply for them to get the institutional knowledge I gained and possessed over the many years of my employment. I was the only surviving employee of the early 1990s. All of my reports and work were on time and accurate. Was I perfect, no but know one is. HUD was always well informed and sought my reports whenever Inglewood found itself in a pickle or in trouble. I was not controlled by anyone or anything.

    As far as previous managers, Angie Pacheco is the only other person who did not possess a four-year degree. In fact, she had no degree of any kind, only a high school diploma, according to her. All others had four-year degrees and we still found ourselves in trouble with HUD. Each time, I, as well as the rest of the staff, assisted with moving us from troubled status to an outstanding score with HUD.
    When I finally retired from the city in November 2019, there were no outstanding reports due, nor did I leave abruptly. I retired when I wanted, the way I wanted. I did not want the pomp and circumstance of a parting ceremony with people who did not have my best interest at heart or care about me. After the passing of my beloved mother, my life changed and nothing was more important than my family and I.

    The City hired a new manager prior to my retirement and I was not going to train them nor pass any of my institutional knowledge to anyone else who did not appreciate it. I was also not going to continue to do the work of a Manager and get Assistant Housing Manager salary, which had been done for many years and during each transition before an inexperienced Manager was hired to oversee Housing and CDBG divisions. The last manager hired prior to my retirement came from another local agency, so they should be in good hands with him. The rest of the staff are still there, so they should be good and can continue to service the participants and provide the reports to HUD and the City as required.

    As far as getting the job over employees who have four-year degrees; yes, I did but not all of them passed the examination processes, and those who did; the hiring Executive during that time, obviously felt I was the best person for the job. Some employees with degrees do not report to work, some are off work as much as they are
    there, they are not on time and often have bad attitudes and cause a tremendous amount of additional work and stress on the Supervisor and other staff who have to do their work when they do not come to work for months at a time. The participants did not receive returned phone calls and would complain often that these employees were rude and condescending to them. Perhaps those are some of the reasons the degreed employees did not get job when competing against me. You have to possess empathy and understanding of people who are on public programs like this as they, too, are people and they deserve respect. The Section 8 participants, HUD and the City appreciated the work I did and I would say most of the employees did as well.

  2. This just seems like a person who isn’t qualified crying about not getting a promotion just because someone has a 4 year degree doesn’t mean they know more than the next person on the job it writers like this that makes people feel if they have a 4 year degree they should automatically be put above others i have seen people without degrees get promoted and do a great job and others with higher education get promoted and did a terrible job so you can put all these names out there and say they didn’t deserve the job just because you think someone else is better its up to the people in charge to make those decisions thats just how life works

    1. I believe Pres Trump signed an executive order to allow people to get federal jobs without the pesky “degree” requirement, however, at one time the only way you moved up in a job was with the additional education.

    2. Mike, thank you for showing us the difference a college degree can make.
      In business, written communication skills and other skills learned in college are important! City government is not a bunch of friends chattin’ . The lives of every city resident is impacted by quality of work performed by its employees.

      I genuinely hope you are not among those paid the extreme salaries because your comment is a fine example of failure to use standard English grammar correctly. Punctuation use should have been learned long before high school.
      Those taking home significant TAX DOLLARS should be able to use commas, periods, and upper case letters.
      Most of the jobs which include manager, or supervisor in their title additionally require comprehension of complex laws and math skills .

      Simply put Residents should not be paying Filet Mignon prices for hamburger helper.

    3. Readin’ Ritin’ Rithmatic is not sufficient – Instead of attacking Mike personally, why don’t you address the content of his post. The City of Inglewood has test that assess those skills. One would not be put in those positions had they been unable to pass those standardized test. When one passes those test for a position, they have the required skills etc. to do the job applied for, with or without a 4 year degree. I’ve worked in the private and public sector with a 4 year degree and have seen people promoted over me without one many of times. Oftentimes without test being involved. I’ve gotten over it and you guys need to do the same. Having a 4 year degree does not entitle anyone to anything.

  3. It is unfortunate so few residents are aware of why our employees are selected and why they are promoted but anyone with at least some vision can clearly see that the tighter and shorter the dress the higher the salary/promotion rate.

    But let’s understand why….women with an education and job competence pose a threat that the go-along-girls do not.

    Double standards scream friends / family /or popping seams will be rewarded!

    Why did Butts get upset with McDade alleged falsification of loan documents but happily hire disgraced LAX PD Brian Walker who committed fraud ? Apparently her crime was finally saying NO MORE,

    Why was whistleblower Barbara Ono terminated but LA Housing AuthorityCorruption scandal focus David Esparza hired?

    How unfortunate after years of successes made by women who have gone to college, worked hard, and performed their jobs well, there are still those who only see women as body parts for men’s entertainment…..sadder still there are women who keep re-electing them.

  4. Thank you for helping residents see how many dedicated and qualified women have been mistreated by the current administration.
    No employee should feel such hostility or sense of being constantly mistrusted . It is especially insulting that the “Security” employees are the ones conducting the surveillance considering if they were qualified to have the jobs they are observing they would not be ”security” employees.
    Educated and Experienced employees perform best when they are comfortable in their work environment. No one performs their best when they are feeling their every move is being watched either by the “dirty ol man” or the guy hovering to demand a “favor” for continued employment.

    Emory Ward is the employee who tried to wrestle the tape recording with Mayor James Butts telling community member Diane Sambrano to “Go Choke yourself” away from Joseph Teixeira !
    As a “former police officer” he should know that touching another person without permission per former Chief of Police Joseph Rouzan is assault. (Joe never filed a lawsuit for this violation but perhaps he should have no one attending a council meeting should be assaulted ! )

    Residents should be asking themselves why on earth this Inglewood’s Mayor needs a body guard seemingly every where he goes. Other South Bay elected interact among neighbors, their community streets and stores, they drive their own privately owned family cars and can be seen shopping and attending their children’s school events without City paid “protection”.

    Butts seems to view the leaders of third world countries as role models!

    It appears that James Butts believes that women are simply OBJECTS to be used.
    Those who do not please him are cast aside .

    Foolishly some women will tolerate the objectification in exchange for the financial rewards he provides. They do a disservice not only to themselves but to all women around them.

    The MALES who silently stand by and watch or go along to get along can never be considered MEN.

  5. My name is Marsha Turner. I retired 14 yrs ago. Mayor Butts was not even working for the City when I was hired. He had nothing to do with my appointment. I was the supervisor of that division for yrs and knew all the history of The City and how to run several divisions. I managed Code Enforcement, Parking Enforcement, Graffiti Abatement, and Weed Abatement. The person whom preceeded me had no degree either. I have 4 yrs of college, but did not finish a couple classes. I can read, write, and have mgmt skills. I had on the job experience, and my boss groomed me for the position. I worked my way up from the bottom. I was a diligent employee and worked hard until I retired at 50, after 29 yrs. I retired because I did not agree with The City Administrator’s hiring practices. We did not agree on many things. He wanted me to hire all his friends. I refused to hire some if them, but was forced to hire others. And just because you have a degree, doesn’t mean you are qualified for a position. Look at your president.

    1. Sounds like there is an established pattern of the Inglewood mayors abusing their power to force employees to hire their friends and family Just as you have stated. Perception is that’s why folks get ahead of other employees because of the favors they perform for them.

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