Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

18 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Lynwood Unified School District needs your attention!

  1. Is nothing new to see. Like when the art teacher at the high school was sleeping with her students. But the Crossweith covered up.

  2. My cousin works there. He tells me this kind of stuff is normal. But I still think we should try to be better than this. So ready for this year to be over. : (

  3. Why you throwing shade? Not all of us security staff are like that. Some of us are happy to be working. Don’t come to me when someone breaks into your classroom.

  4. I can’t stand her still. I see her but try to avoid going. I think she knows. I don’t want to talk to them.

  5. I think I had heard about Amparo having an affair with Juan. But I thought it was only a rumor. I guess it could be true. Who knows anymore. So much corruption at that school. So glad I’m not working there anymore.

  6. That’s terrible. I can’t believe people are taking advantage of the pandemic. The district should not be wasting money like that. But there has always been nepotism at the district. The people there act like they are above the law. It is very easy to be generous with other people’s money. It is almost impossible for teachers to get a raise. But the district has no problem creating unnecessary positions for people while paying them six figure salaries. I was demoted at work for speaking out against the corruption.

  7. It’s all true. There is/was an organization called Principals’ Exchange. They are a private consulting firm. But they have an incestuous relationship with the Superintendent. He hires the consultants to work there. In exchange, when the Superintendent leaves the district, he gets a cushy job working with the organization. These consultants get paid thousands of dollars for a few hours of work. It’s outrageous that the district can be throwing away money like that during this pandemic.

  8. My daughter was a student there. She was taking classes at the adult school. Then one day she caught one of the teachers Ms Covarubuas having an affair with a young man named Mr. Barosso. After that my daughter felt like the teacher was trying to get her kicked out of the class. I had to file a complaint with the school. This was many years ago. But after that I decided to take my daughter out of the district.

  9. I agree. She should not be having an affair with the security staff. That is not professional. But it happens a lot at Lynwood. The security people are shady. They like to steal things from the classrooms. Then they pretend there was a break in.

  10. Yes I agree. There is much corruption in the district. The superintendent likes to hire many of his friends. There should be an investigation. Especially of the board members. The district is losing money. But the board members are bribed by the superintendent and given 5000 dollar laptops. But the students get broken chromebooks.

  11. This district has a lot of issues. There is a school counselor by the name of Daisy Reynoso at Hosler Middle school having an open affair with another married employee from the same same school. A security officer Christian Bernal. They both have neglected students to be on this affair and students are aware. This is the most irresponsible action from a role model a school counselor who is supposed to be mentoring kids and what she is doing is having her own personal relationship, an affair in plain sight of staff and all students.

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