Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Lennox School District

  1. Can we move on past police brutality? past gentrification? Moving on past an undesirable situation towards a better, transparent, and more productive environment requires that the players, structures, and secret processes that made a shameful situation possible be permanently eradicated. How can the besieged Lennox School District parents, teachers, and students move past the powerful and still operating machinery installed by the stubbornly entrenched incumbents and their benefited teams? Moving on, if it is to be a positive transition, cannot be based on the innocent pretense that the tragic passing away of one of the most intimidating and effective manipulators at the helm of the LSD gravy train will suffice to finally bring the Lennox community the school district they rightfully deserve.

    I bear witness to the thriving of the corrupt machinery, which in all fairness, was not built by the disgraced Mr. Taylor, who at the snapping of fingers of the then undisputed bosses of the LSD, created the job I once held, to be later replaced by a gentleman that now, along with other employees which directly benefited from their friendship with the former Superintendent, now seeks monetary compensation from the Lennox School District, due to alleged sexual harassment.

    Nothing is moving on but the gaze of those that mildly care about the fleeting issues that are popular in the corporate news and social media. When the now infamous Superintendent was rising to unchallenged power, I, as a Public Information Officer, along with committed activist parents, desperately reached out to your respected information venue. Our voices were not heard.

    We will not move on until the direct enablers and beneficiaries are voted out.

  2. Look at the board meeting today and see how rude Sergio Hernandez is to a speaker that reminded them about how “in the dark” they were! No tienen verguenza!

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