Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Latest Compton murder was no hate crime

  1. It was a hate crime it was racial and not because she was Asian it was because she was black there’s a war that’s being swept u set the rug especially in that area when it comes to Hispanics and blacks the Mexicans who are dominant in Los Angeles do not want Africa Americans or any race that’s not Mexican living near them

  2. The way this is written is so wack. Like u care more about the narrative than her life. I understand this may have not been a hate crime but it’s like ur arguing about the way the speak about her death and not her actual death and How it’s tragic nonetheless. It’s possible she was a sex worker but why not elaborate and connect the dots. And the residents who live off the Compton pledge ? How does that add to the story ? What was the point of inserting that information?

  3. Let’s wait for the Sheriff’s to complete their investigation. Unless you were a witness, you have no idea why this happened.

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