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15 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Just like Trump, Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. allows COVID-19 to thrive

  1. Not to unmercifully pile onto those defenders of Mayor Butts and the council, and those who believe that covid 19 is no threat to inglewood’s residents, but here’s a horrifying update. One month ago, when this letter was published, Inglewood had documented 982 covid cases. However, in just one month, only 1/7th of the span of the pandemic, the city of Inglewood’s cases have almost DOUBLED to 1947 cases. their have been just about as many new cases in the last month as there were in all the six months prior. It’s bad enough that out of the about 85 cities in LA county, many much larger than Inglewood, Inglewood’s covid cases have consistently been in the top 10 to 15 most cases in the county, but out of all the cities in LA county, Inglewood is CONSISTENTLY, for months, been the 3rd highest in COVID DEATHS.
    The only cities with worse numbers are Glendale, with over 200,000 residents and …Los Angeles with FOUR MILLION RESIDENTS. His cronies can defend Mayor Butts as much as they want, but the numbers convict James Butts of Donald Trump-level incompetence.

  2. Here’s a sad update for those uninformed who don’t think that the Corona virus is thriving in Inglewood. As of July 3rd, not even a week after this Letter to the Editor was published, the county of Los Angeles is reporting that covid 19 cases in Inglewood have gone up to 1075, almost 10%, …10%, more than the 982 reported less than week ago on 6-28-20. And, since the letter was published, 3 more inglewood residents have died with covid 19, bringing the total to 65.
    And on a national level, 50,700 new cases in… one day! Let’s please err on the side of caution, protect each other and recognize that the health threat is real.

  3. Thank you Mr. Texiera for attempting to connect-the-dots regarding many things which together combine to put Inglewood residents at greater health risks than other communities. The combined environmental assaults on our lungs put us in the “compromised” category that helps Covid-19 invade our weakened lungs.
    Lest any think this is a figment of “the obstructionists” imagination please invest a few minutes becoming aware of the damage caused by “small particulate matter.” A good place to start is the AQMD (air quality management district) video entitled “The Right to Breathe” which is both informative and disturbing.
    Notice that Traffic is a major generator of exhaust -our city council has gone out of its way to charm and do everything they could (even violate the Brown Act) to accommodate and encourage the excessive numbers of sports fans to soon regularly descend on our community by air,auto,metro and soon at our expense the proposed monorail.
    In the same context of transportation insults, remember Inglewood neighborhoods are already air quality compromised by being under the flight path of the nations second busiest airport -Los Angeles International. (It was a combination of efforts by 2 community groups (LAXEN and ARSAC) rather than our elected- that were responsible for bringing about a change in aircraft fuel mix which drifts down to us.)
    “Fugitive construction dust” has not been controlled during the excavating for the stadium or grinding of the asphalt for reuse. More recently the former apartment destruction at the planned “Murphy’s Bowl” Aka Ballmer’s Clipper site should be considered incredibly unacceptable. The former apartment buildings stood empty owned by the city for years supposedly because of the asbestos dust threat. Former Mayors did not demolish until mitigation was assured while this administration has recently let rubble dust drift on neighbors for months and months.
    Rather than appreciate the old growth broadleaf tree canopy they inherited this administration CHOSE instead “to save tree trim dollars” by killing the air cleaning oxygen generators long standing on our main streets and medians casting aside the concept of “urban forestry” resulting in creating a heat island. To learn more see “Smartcitiesdive.com” -Why we need trees in our cities .
    Let us not forget the disregard for the Firework Follies -sulfur and nitrate wafting into our lungs not just for a fifteen minute professional show once a year but everyday now for months and “IF” like prior years we can expect up to straight six hours or more this weekend on almost every block!! -For those who need a funny we have to call-in (310)412-4353 to let police know there are colorful sky illuminations in our neighborhoods! Notice it was the Los Angeles County HEALTH Department which has cancelled professional shows. The ash from the house fire caused by fireworks last year also added to lung issues for some neighbors.
    Yes, the welcome mat for Covid 19 has been rolled out.
    THANK YOU forsaking the time to consider, and share, make phone calls and vote with these insights in mind
    So on the positive side, when the realtors sell our homes for less than half of those in Westchester we can rest assured the new buyers probably won’t actually live among us, they will create short term rental units so the game fans will have limited health comprising exposure .
    And, another bright concept— the campaign contributors may be so very well pleased with the elected who are more concerned about personal benefit than with the low-mod-income minorities they were put in place to represent ….before long they will find a way to eliminate the rights of impacted community members to express concerns.

    Breathing comfortably is so overrated !

  4. 1st, if a Communist Chinese puts dog poop on your front porch, that is their fault. However if you allow yourself and others to track it all over the inside of your house, you have some responsibility for that. So, no matter where covid 19 came from, once it was here, and Trump says early on that there’s only 15 cases and it’ll be gone by the next month, and Trump says that it’s no worse than the flu, and Trump says that he doesn’t think people need to wear masks, and that he doesn’t plan to wear a mask, in spite of what his own medical experts say, Trump holds some responsibility for the US not doing as well as many other countries with controlling the spread of the virus. 2nd, it is an indisputable fact that the county reports that Inglewood is higher than it should be in cases and much higher than it should be in deaths from the Corona virus. Is that a coincidence? Also, the City of Inglewood has only put out crime statistics up to 2018, so there’s no way anybody can say that crime has gone down since then. And, all you have to do is look at the city’s own crime statistics and you find that crime has not gone down since mayor Butts has been mayor (3,423 crimes after his first year), it had gone up (3,427 in 2018, and as high as 3,570 in 2017), so as comforting as it may be to try to wish crime down, the city’s own numbers are less than comforting. And we must keep in mind that IPD has a documented history of manipulating their crime statistics by refusing to document crimes.

  5. covid 19 isn’t thriving! Stupidity & hysteria about the virus is thriving, we need to stop worrying about this virus & start focusing on things that actually matter. Stop blaming President Trump & Mayor Butts.


    2. it sounds as if you believe it is stupid to care about the health of your fellow human beings ? How very sad to not have meaningful relationships worthy of treasuring—so—- please, explain to us – if health doesn’t matter……what do you believe is important ?

      1. Gavin Newsom said to close all restaurants to dining in service. A politically connected Inglewood business, Fiesta Martin, has tables full of patio diners this evening after 7pm. Eating and drinking. Seven more people tested positive at SoFi Stadium whole Mayor Butts sits on his butt not enforcing the mandated closures per the state. Ask HIM why he isn’t enforcing the rules in Inglewood.

  6. I thought that you go on the CDC or county website and they give a location for testing. I don’t think you can actually call the Inglewood test site or any site to make an appointment.

  7. What has this to do with Donald Trump? Blame it on the Chinese Communist Party not Donald Trump or Mayor Butts

    1. David I agree with you!

      Inglewood is so full of cookie-cutter DemoCRAPS who blame President Trump for everything even a virus that started in China.

      And some of those same Libs blame Mayor Butts for everything too.

      But the truth is unemployment numbers for African Americans were at record lows before the pandemic struck.

      And bills providing funding for historically black colleges and universities and criminal justice reform giving African Americans a second chance and opportunity to get out of prison were signed under President Trump’s leadership.

      And when it comes to Inglewood, property values have gone up, crime has gone down and the Rams, Chargers and Clippers are coming to town, all under Mayor Butts’ leadership.

      Maybe someday people will learn to focus on the positive instead of being negative and assigning false blame.

      1. The virus may have started in China however Trump did little to nothing to curb an outbreak here in America
        Rightfully, we should berate Trump on his lack of leadership in fact callousness about Coronavirus
        IF Black/African-American unemployment was at “record lows” before the pandemic why during the pandemic Black/African-American unemployment is worse than it was during the Great Recession
        While you are focusing on what you deem as “positives” for Inglewood how much will it cost the people who are being priced out who kept Inglewood afloat while Mayor Butts gave his girlfriend a salary over $200g, the City Manager who doesn’t manage, has one of the highest paid municipal salaries in California, the police chief as well and numerous settlements due to police
        Is low crime in a community a reflection of the Mayor or the citizens?

        1. Baggaman this Mayor and council are clearly ineffective!, the difference is even his staunch supporters can’t defend his actions.

          The Mayor is great selling bullshit but as usual his act gets tired

      2. When is the stadium opening again? This is the second delay and they lied about the reason why the stadium was delayed the first time

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