Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Is the SoFi Stadium Safe?

  1. No bigger haters in inglewood than 2 Broke girls that couldn’t get they’re shit together like many in the community once they announced the stadium was on the way. You cant even put one layer of assphalt without being on the forefront of the community complaining that the streets dont meet your standards… its nowhere near to being completed with you 2 on the fore front of finger pointing influencing the already disgruntled community and stirring shit up. People especially CLASSLESS renters are on their way out and if its for the sake of cleaning up this city. Im all for it.

    – The Genteifier that has his shit together. Est March 2017 😆

  2. Just to clear things up a bit because I work at the stadium, the inspectors that ultimately sign off on the important structural stuff have been the same from the start. So yes maybe there has been a bit of turn over within the ranks but that does not leave an inexperienced person giving the final approval. We have city and private inspectors to do the final approval and they have tons of experience.

  3. Trump appointed a new postmaster who implemented some new rules. They are no longer allowed to do overtime. They also also not allowed to wait on mail from the distribution center. For example, our mail men and mail women work out of the annex on imperial. In the past, if mail came from the distribution center later than usual, they’d wait for it to be sorted before going out and delivery mail. This is no longer allowed because people were being paid to do nothing while this mail was sorted into the trucks. whatever mail is ready for them at the start of the day is what will get delivered that day. I’ve also heard that they are no longer allowed to take more than 30 minutes getting their trucks ready to make deliveries. They have to leave annex after 30 minutes. This is resulted in some people not getting mails for days at a time. I have informed delivery and I used to get the mail that showed up in my email every morning that same day. Now it’s just sporadic. For example, on Saturday. I received the mail that was in my informed delivery email on Friday morning. Yesterday, I received the mail that was in yesterday’s email. Who knows where the mail from Saturday’s email is. This has also slowed down the delivery of packages. I have packages that haven’t moved from both the distribution center in Los Angeles and the annex on prairie in over a week now. Sorry for the long paragraph. There’s a lot of information about this online. This is not limited to Inglewood, it’s happening all over the country


      But I have an easy solution to your problem.

      Switch all your bills, monthly statements and any other correspondence to paperless and then you don’t have to rely on USPS all you have to do is login to your email.

  4. Can you do a story on USPS delaying mail IN Inglewood please Trump’s setting up mail in votes as fake

      1. OMG Please! Just spoke to someone at USPS and they are changing their schedules to come in at 9AM vs 7AM. If mail clerks don’t have mail ready they are being told to leave on their route. On top of that I signed up for “Informed Delivery” and mail is not getting delivered on announced date. On top of the mail carriers are marking mail “delivered” if they don’t get the mail out in time. It’s a becoming a real mess.

        This is part of a larger issue with elections around the corner.

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