Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

11 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Is the Compton mayor fit for office

  1. It is very unfortunate, you feel that way. The Hispanic are not cleaning the city. I have been a resident of the city since 1965. I have never seen the city in the condition it is in now. There seem to be a vest amount of trash that is being dumped by the residents, unfortunately, happens to be Hispanic. Not sure this is a cultural thing but is happening. The City officials need to begin fining residents and owners of businesses that do not take care of their property.

  2. Sounds like this person is knowledgeable about what is going on in city hall Compton, either A former employee or A. home owner. I agree with U 100%,our family moved to Compton in 1963. I was 9 yrs old.we had strong leadership.

  3. Compton sucks they never fix anything they just charge the residents alot of money for example the water bill and when you call for help for example the sheriffs they come super late or don’t come at all this city is crooked and full of black crocked people Hispanics are making this city nice and even cleaning up because compton can’t send no one to clean

    1. That was a Very RACIST Statement, I was Born and Raised in Compton, My Compton was Full of Black Affluent People, Black Doctors, Lawyers, My Father Owned 2 Rigs, My Mom’s Surgical RN. So Watch Yo DAMN LANGUAGE about what Hispanics are doing for this City, To Me We All in this Together, To Make Our City A Better Place for all of Us ??

    2. Frankie, you need to stop lying. Black Americans have kept Compton nice for years. I have family there and remember when it was nice. Funny how you’re so racist against Blacks but keep that same energy towards the white folks that want to build the wall.

  4. If things are to ever get better in compton, these BOB’s (bottom of the barrel) politicans, elected AND appointed, must be voted out or removed from office. EACH and Every one of them. No Exceptions! They were never qualified to manage a city in the first place. So sad we had to endure them and the results are in. In spite of what they have done
    TO us, let’s hold our heads up high as compton residents and voters, and COMMIT to removing them ALL at the first opportunity. No wonder all neighboring cities chose to remove the name Compton Blvd from their cities years ago. I guess they realized it long before we did. Now let us Finish the job!

  5. If there was nothing more then the unbelievably bad state of the streets in our town, that would be enough for me to say she needs to go. Imcompetence at it’s finest!

    1. The so-called Mayor, Is just using Compton as a stepping stone to something else. We had enough of her lies. All she has done is bring us down and in debt. And to put her Husband in as emergency mayor that is worse. They both are cheaters and have a side business that the Sheriff’s for some reason will not shut down. We already have a mayor pro-tem. Why would we need him? To steal more from Compton?

  6. What the fuck about Measure P? It is sales tax revenue. Is that calculated into the revenue shortfall? Hell no. You can see that in the budget workshops.. They got plans for that bag of dough though. Phone systems, driveways, building repairs, everything but..those shit shouldve been taken care of years ago when they started when they rented those city buildings out, they shouldve taken the rent and fixed the buildings. What they say?! We got no money.

    The schedule of fees for all the permits and plan checks went up and they raking in the dough. What they say? We aint got no money.

    The budget workshops are soo damn bad im laughing. Those special measure p possible projects jumping around like mexican beans.

    Some items are listwd in week 1, taken off in week 2. Then placed back in week 3. Anyone noticed the 600K phone system dropped by 250K. Thats like the only cost drop so someone has got to be fudging the damn numbers. Someone should explain this huge discrepancy. Maybe there’s a Compton discount applied or someone “working” with a vendor already for some backdoor deal. Shady ass shit here.

    I am disappointed at hearing the council members talking about moving the city forward even if layoffs have to happen. Only Galvan stood by his words from the day he ran til now that he is against layoffs and always for city employees. Tana’s daughter is “safe” so she dont give a fuck anymore. Sharif has really got nothing to say, just rambling like the old ass lady she is. She should just join a bingo club. Chambers is all smiles in public but vindictive as fuck in the backroom. The mayor is nice, got diarrhea of the mouth in council meetings, too big a plan and ends up really accomplishing nothing. Stayed too long on Compton and got swallowed in by the politics. Thought she would know better because she started at ground floor as a employee.

    So at the end, elected officials and city management all good at telling employees, u niggas gotta go. We aint got the money.

    If that is the case and layoffs need to happen then my ideas are simple:
    1. Layoff one assistant city manager. EvERYONE feels the pain.
    2. Get rid of the Controller and budget officer from the finance department. They both shouldve seen this revenue decline months ago and now telling employees and elected officials at the last minute to create pressure to pass their bullcrap budget.
    3. If measure p wont be used for saving employee jobs, then demand that EVERY damn cent be used for streets. I repeat demand thag EVERY penny be used for streets only like is was intended. No driveways, no buildings, no phones, no whatever the hell. Just streets.

    If you 10 million in the hole, you not drinking Starbucks, you not even drinking coffee, u drinking water.

    The crazy thing is that almost 10 years later from the first layoff and with more money from measure p, rent, etc we in the same fucking hole. Same shit. Different day.

    Mr corwnell, i saw an interview when you were first selected as city manager. You said something about boosting employee morale was one of your priorities. You get an F+ for tagging along with your management team.

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