Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

14 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Is the Compton City Council holding an illegal Special Meeting?

  1. I hear there is something wrong with the 2urbangirls website inside of Compton city hall. It cannot be accessed. Ya think they were checking out porn or something !!!

  2. Aja, I told you the seniors would out smart your own dumb ass.
    Now take all your bull shit back to USC with the other liars and cheats wanting to get ahead… are one nasty joke!!
    Go away Donald Trump niece!!!

  3. July 1 can’t come quick enough for the people of Compton although, they don’t expect much change from Emma Sharif. She has already shown everyone how weak she is. I know the good people of Compton have said they are ready to Recall her if she acts against their trust. From what I have seen she plays both sides and should not be trusted. There were two sharp candidates in the Compton race Hays and Lister. Everyone outside of Compton felt Compton should elect new leadership, not anyone currently serving on the Council. Why Compton’s residents did not see that is confusing to the world. Everyone is wondering what is really going on? Is Compton being controlled by outside influence and politicians?

  4. The Brown cartel all are crooks and liars. Compton residents have woken up and the justice has begun to see what community activists have been saying for eight years.
    The only question is who will be indicted first or will there be a bonus round and they all are indicted at the same time.
    Trust you all are going to make headlines; however, not in the way that would make your families proud.
    Damon you are an idiot!

  5. I believe the meeting was cancelled today and then rescheduled for tomorrow (tue).

    The damn drama just wont end. There are some changes to Corndick’s terms also: no more 5 year, no more raise, just wants 2 years now.

    If aja, corndick, and doo doo brown fighting so hard for the extension it feels so fishy.

  6. Thank the people who read my concerns about the city attorney violating the Ralph M Brown Act and pulling together to post concerns which Ajax’s finger soldiers and Van told those idiots about!
    People still listen to me, but take their own credit. As long as they listened and reacted!

  7. I am concerned about the Special Meeting scheduled today, bit was cancelled with out giving the Clerk’s staff a reason.

    I would believe that the City Attorney, City Manager and City Clerk would have knowledge of an legal vs. illegal meeting, right?

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