Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Is City of Inglewood HR Breaking The Law With Vaccine Mandate?

  1. Very Insightful information Asar. its also encouraging to hear someone oppose these mandates and not have their voice silenced or their messages censored. they’re telling us to trust the science, but here is the math:

    25,250 Covid deaths in LA County
    1.4 million cases in LA County = 1.8% death rate of all COVID cases
    10 million people in LA County = .25% death rate of the entire population of LA County

    99.75% are surviving this! i’m not discounting anyones experience with the pain, death, and loss. but our entire way of life has been altered for something that 99.75% of people have been defeating. I dont like mask/vaccine mandates and have been vilified at work for my opinions, not allowed into establishments, i’ve seen dirty looks when out in public with no mask on, cursed out, people cross the street when i approach them on the sidewalk, restaurants dont take my money when handed to them and place my change on the counter instead of in my hand. I’ve seen this behavior before when i was in college (PVAMU) an HBCU located in Waller County, Texas. There were some people there that gave me dirty looks and crossed the street when i approached them & establishments cashiers that placed my change on the counter and not directly in my hand. I aint gonna call these mask/vaccine mandates racism but its starting to look like it.

  2. What an interesting comment from Butts who retaliates against any resident who disagrees with him. Rather hypocritical isn’t it?

    For those unaware there are side effects for many which may not know they are in special risk groups because of prior exposure to experimental drugs or to drugs once approved by FDA which were latter taken off the market.

    The “Nuremberg code” reminds us not all “experiments” have been conducted on populations who had the option to say no thank you.

    What we don’t often understand is the experimenters after the war were not all imprisoned they landed jobs in legitimate drug companies where they created new and innovative thins like thalidomide and similar experimental options that left many permanently challenged .

    Be aware and Be Careful

  3. Every employment lawyer that I’ve heard speak on this topic has said that employers are allowed to do this. With that said, city employees better realize that there are plenty of people who’ll jump at the opportunity for a city job with benefits. Most of you are replaceable.

    1. These employees want an option for weekly testing if they decline the vaccination. Shouldn’t you have a choice between the two?

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