Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

9 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Is Centinela Hospital not good enough for Inglewood mayor?

  1. Centinela Hospital is awful. As a foster norther living in Inglewood, I have to drive my children all the way to Children’s Hospital because this Hospital doesn’t have pediatricians in their ER. Also, a few years ago I accompanied a colleague to the hospital, who was taken there by ambulance, and the conditions were so deplorable that I didn’t want to enter the hospital and as soon as my colleague was stable he left and went to Kaiser.

    1. Dear Me,

      You are correct; Centinela Hospital is not a pediatric center. However, the hospital is an EDAP (Emergency Departments Approved for Pediatrics)-certified Emergency Department that provides care to pediatric patients by meeting specific requirements. This certification allows us to treat pediatric patients through the ED. If a pediatric patient needs a higher level of care s/he will be transferred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This a common practice for many hospitals in the area that are not pediatric centers.

      As far as your experience with your colleague, we are sorry to hear that you found the ED conditions “deplorable,” especially considering the fact that we just finished a multi-million-dollar renovation project to expand bed capacity. With your colleague it sounds like he was a Kaiser patient, hence his trip to Kaiser following his visit with us.

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with the hospital.

      Thank you.

  2. Dear Concerned Resident,

    Centinela Hospital has been a community pillar for Inglewood and the surrounding area since 1924, and it has been an honor to serve. The hospital continues to be recognized for its excellence in Patient Safety and Patient Care. From Healthgrades alone, Centinela Hospital received the following cardiac-related awards and recognition this year, among others:

    – 2021 Coronary Intervention Excellence Award
    – Top 5% in the nation for Cardiology Services (2020-2021)
    – Top 10% in the nation for Cardiology Services (2019-2021)
    – Top 10% in the nation for Coronary Interventional Procedures
    – Five Star Recipient for Treatment of Heart Attack
    – Five Star Recipient for Treatment of Heart Failure
    – Five Star Recipient for Defibrillator Procedures
    – Five-Start Recipient for Pacemaker Procedures

    And that’s just from one independent entity based on various hospital quality metrics from CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    Now, we don’t have any additional information about Mayor Butts’ health emergency this week. But what we can share is that if EMS identifies a heart attack in the field, the patient will be transported to a hospital accredited as a STEMI (ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction) Receiving Center. EMS agencies certify specific hospitals as STEMI Receiving Centers to handle such cardiac emergencies and here it is designated through LA County EMS. Centinela Hospital currently is not a STEMI Receiving Center but we are going through the certification process now. We do, however, treat any/all cardiac emergencies through the Emergency Department. This is one possibly as to why Mayor Butts wasn’t transferred to the closest hospital during this emergency.

    Nice work catching the profile listing mistake on the Healthgrades website! We notified them to remove the profiles for Daniel Freeman Medical Center and Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center, both of which are no longer public entities.

    Again, thank you for giving us an opportunity to provide additional background on the matter.

    Be well!

      1. No, it wasn’t a copy/paste comment, as I wrote it personally. By listing all of the 2021 Healthgrades awards it might appear to be a blanket statement but that’s not the case.

        1. So sad Molly, you acknowledge that Healthgrades gave fake reviews for closed hospital but want us to trust the review on Centinela …. Healthgrades .com is an advertising website not a medical board of review !
          Clearly even you acknowledged that Healthgrades .com also gave glowing awards to a hospital for service provided during years that it was closed bulldozed and is now condos. Unless the feral animals and construction workers happen to also be trained surgeons the likely hood of great medical service at the former Daniel Freeman Hospital on Prairie Ave anytime in the last ten years is probably not great health care …..Healthgrades awards may not be the wisest reason to consider ANY hospital, good , safe, or at a minimum even open for business.
          Interestingly Molly Lawson, the director of Business Development and MARKETING at Centinela has relied solely on the awards of a paid advertisement company to sell us on the greatness of Centinela Hospital which she admits “mistakenly” gave great ratings to closed facilities …Opps one would think the Marketing Director should have shared other source acknowledgement of the great work at Centinela Hospital…
          Could it be time for a new Marketing Director since unlike selling books or potato chips Healthcare Services Mistakes can cost lives.
          BTW all the new construction in the world does not improve Dr skill so very sad she went there instead of telling us the Medical Provider experience aka Doctor training, background experience, leading edge breakthroughs…..This was .one seriously wasted opportunity to sell us confidence wasn’t it?
          Molly may better suited for employment in a non life a death facility …but, who knows -perhaps she is related to someone.

    1. I am alive because of Centinela Hospital/5 star/ will not transfer until stabilized to Kaiser or your insurance hospital/I agree This should be Inglewood residents choice to survive any emergency

    2. Yes Centinela Hospital has been in the community and serves residents daily a very good thing. HOWEVER to suggest that awards from ”” have value and merit is something we ought to consider carefully – this is an ADVERTISING web creation which cares less about the health of our community than it does advertising revenue.
      To suggest the “ awards” reflect great customer/patient care you have to ask if you would also consider going to the equally recognized for 2020 service to the community Daniel Freeman Hospital if you are tomorrow experiencing a heart problem.
      Somehow when it comes to advertising perhaps we should think of healthcare as little more important than make-up, shoes or designer coffee.
      It is a sad commentary that websites promote “image enhancement” in the medical care profession.

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