Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood’s false budgets results in “fiscal emergency”

  1. Marvin, our poor dear Marvin, is it possible you didn’t understand that when the Mayor said he “saved money” that was Bspeak for he cut resident services, so he could spend it on the zipper and footwash club?

    Dear one You must understand that cutting services -claiming to save money – was important, because he needs so much more money to keep all those executives who may know better to keep their eyes closed and mouths shut long enough to get the very fine pensions they have been promised . Remember the refinanced pension bond, an unnecessary debt (along with added Interest) was taken on for the purpose of illusion – an increase in the general fund. Honey, compare the compensation increases by employee at Transparent California.org. and you will see that the illusion of saving while actually spending cannot continue…. think drug addict he has just got to have more people around him telling him he is the best !!

    Of course meetings must be conducted at various and inconvenient times and of course comments must be squelched. It is so much easier to do wrong when the public can’t find out until the coffers are empty.

    Don’t you see dear one, consider the obvious… few would know of George Floyd if there had been no camera – there would have been limited outrage .

    …in some cases when the public learns about wrong it reacts to evil- the mayor couldn’t have that now could he …..so he went about to destroy the strong foundation of resident participation that built this city and replaced it with the false promise that the billionaires will pay their fair share, Obviously not that case if they need to raise any taxes at all

    The wanna be savior would have us believe we are now beholden and should consider it a joy to pay much more for so much less.

    Anyone remember that 18 million dollar forgiven loan?

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