Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood Unified’s missing COVID-19 funds

  1. Im hearing Kroenke this Kroenke that but what the residents need to be concerned with is Mayor Butts and the rest of the city hall bandits. Kroenke didnt put them in office voters did. Your so called mayor in his words “gets shit done” well by bankrupting the city and firing whoever doesn’t do his bidding. All these fees residents are paying is because Butts implemented them. Anything Kroenke does is because the city wanted it that way. Follow the paper people. The Mayor is so paranoid from all his dirt thats why residents cant enter city hall.

  2. An old alum who Graduated where The Beach Boys won the Battle of the Bands- Centinela Park’s Ampitheatre and yes aircraft was already invented and flying into LAX says:

    My oh my did you forget to drink your kool-aid this morn?

    Inglewood residents are not who Stan Kroenke cares about… he put the people in office to get not give.

    What did we get – the privilege of giving up our rights. Yes we have given them up to the Elected Kroenke put in place.

    We are routinely subjected to the lie that residents voted for the stadium. We did NOT have the opportunity to vote for this stadium. Did you know the City Council Voted to have theStadium Petition a public record destroyed ? In fact the City Council Voted to Approve the Stadium project and all the subsequent changes to the plan that was presented. Just in case you forgot Inglewood residents voted to allow the Casino to operate 24 hours because of the landslide anticipated revenue and in exchange we’re given the land for the much needed police station.. oops wonder if they will paint those parking spaces blue with five point stars …..

    We can no longer go into City Hall without a security check,
    We can not enter city hall (which we paid for) without an appointment.
    We can no longer park in front of our homes without submitting a copy of our auto registration for a permit.
    We can not use the streets (we pay taxes to pave) on game day without traffic traffic and more traffic.
    We can expect constant noise pollution . And

    yes will pay the park employees to maintain “the open space” inside Mr Kreonke’s property in exchange for the privilege of venturing, like all other guests into the shopping area.

    Torres apparently thinks giving Kroenke $100,000.00 to allow our Inglewood students to “Graduate “ at the new venue is far more important than giving them an education. If you think that was rude check the test scores. All the while we the property tax payers will continue to pay for the “New State of the Art” school construction she won’t even use for graduation. Wow lest you think the school auditoriums are too small- today’s entire school population is one fourth of the enrollment of the 1970’s when students received the education that would help them find meaningful careers rather than minimum wage jobs.
    But then again who else would be excited their kids could get that part time stadium parking lot or concession stand job certainly not the Orange County parents.

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