Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

129 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood Unified prinicipal calls African-American staffer “monkey”

  1. Qué pasó en octubre con la petición e ma de 50 de los padres de Centinela Elementary pidiendo una explicación del porqué el distrito no informó a los padres de los cambios que hicieron a espaldas de los padres, aprovecharon la pandemia para que los padres no nos enteráramos de sus movimientos, se le cuestionó al Distrito donde estaba firmada la renuncia del señor De León, no hubo respuesta, al no hacerlo muchos padres de Centinela desconectarnos a sus hijos de las clases en linea al menos una semana en forma de protesta.

    What happened in October with the e ma petition of 50 of the parents of Centinela Elementary asking for an explanation of why the district did not inform parents of the changes they made behind their parents’ backs, they took advantage of the pandemic so that parents would not find out Regarding his movements, the District where Mr. De León’s resignation was signed was questioned, there was no response, as many Centinela parents did not disconnect their children from online classes for at least a week in protest.

  2. El distrito de la ciudad de Inglewood recibió en el mes de octubre de 2020 una pericia firmada por más de 60 padres de Centinela Elementary pidiendo explicaciones porque todo lo hicieron a espaldas de los padre, aprovechando la pandemia obligaron al señor de León a renunciar, se me pidió al distrito que mostrara su renuncia firmada, no lo hicieron, qué hay de que muchos padre en forma de protesta descimentaron a sus hijos de las clases en línea al menos por una semana?

    In October 2020, the district of the city of Inglewood received an expert opinion signed by more than 60 parents of Centinela Elementary requesting explanations because everything was done behind their parents’ backs, taking advantage of the pandemic, they forced Mr. de León to resign. He asked the district to show his signed resignation, they did not, how about many parents in the form of protest removed their children from online classes for at least a week?

  3. El distrito mintió, mandaron una carta a los padres diciendo que el pidió permiso, cuando realmente estaban haciendo la investirse racismo con el, el día que el regreso, fue al distrito y no le permitieron regresar a recoger sus cosas personales por presión racial, después el distrito manda otro email diciendo que el renuncio, cosa que no fue cierta, si según ellos el era un acosador, porque no contactaron a los padres para que se investigara a todos los niños? Jamás se ha sabido de alguien dando la cara acusándolo directamente, los de limpieza que son unos flojos también debieron investigarlos, porque el distrito no dice que hubo padres contra las mentiras del distrito que salieron a dar la cara por el? Pidieron investigación jamás dieron respuestas, porque el distrito mintió a los padres?

    1. Saben cuantos padres de centinela Elementary desconectaron en el mes de octubre a sus hijos, en protesta por las mentiras del Distrito? Al menos fue por una semana.

      Do you know how many parents at Sentinel Elementary disconnected their children in October, in protest of the District’s lies? At least it was for a week.

    2. Erika Torres nunca dio la cara a los pases de Centinela Elementary ella es racista con su propia raza.

      Erika Torres never faced the Centinela Elementary passes, she is racist with her own race.

    3. Erika Torres jamás dio la cara a los padres es racista contra los mismos latinos.

      Erika Torres never stood up to her parents, she is racist against Latinos themselves.

  4. Good old racism. Mmmmmm
    Smells like Inglewood city.
    This has been going on for decades,
    But I see the tables are being turned now.
    Not a good feeling being in the other end. Huh. Good luck to all of you.

  5. Mr. De León is the best principal Centinela Elementary has ever had, the only one who cared about the education of the students.

    1. At last someone is telling the truth. He’s the best principal the school had. Torres lied about his resignation. She lied to teachers, families, and staff members. He never resigned his job. He was removed from office without investigation. As of today he has not signed a resignation.
      He’s a great loss to the school, the teachers, the staff, the parents, and students.

      1. We contacted the school and staff said he resigned. It was also confirmed by district employees. If Torres lied to the community and staff she is guilty of harboring and finding racism and should be immediately fired. We will use your comment and IP address in our complaint to LACOE. Thank you.

  6. I used to have some of the best days of my life going to work in IUSD. Racism has been taking over the district for years now and has forced a large number of great employees to leave and have dire health and medical conditions. There is a reason why so many take off ill and don’t desire to come back. Long gone are the days of great times in IUSD and the state doesn’t necessarily have the communities best interest in mind. With all of the developments happening around the district and in the city it’s truly a political stomping ground now.

  7. Fact: Erika Torres is bringing in unqualified people at high salaries to a district that is “struggling.”
    Fact: The entire cabinet changed under Erika Torres command. Most of the cabinet salary start at $168,000 and her salary starts at $250,000.
    Fact: The Executive Director of Maintenance, Herlinda Bazan, was forced to resign because she was too good at what she was doing and wouldn’t play the “kissing” game. She was an excellent director who valued and encouraged her employees.
    Fact: There are only 5 gardeners in a district that is comprised of over 20 pieces of property.
    Fact: Many employees resigned in fear of being terminated, positions eliminated, and poor upper management.
    Fact: None of the custodian, maintenance, or administrative classified staff received compensation for COVID-19 pay although they are coming to work throughout this entire epidemic.
    Fact: The classified staff have not received a cost of living or raise since 2009. Many request to work overtime because of the deficit in pay.
    Fact: The custodial staff has been cut at all schools with some only having one day and one night custodian. The students may have decreased, but the square footage being used has not.
    Fact: Norberto Perez does not communicate with custodian or maintenance personnel. He reserves conversation for supervisors and upper management. He won’t even look you in the eye when speaking to you and he does not listen. Instead of finding out what processes and procedures are in place, he attempts to reinvent the wheel.
    Fact: The principal of Centinela, Alberto DeLeon made racial comments, was placed on paid administrative leave, and brought back; however, the custodians were moved to other schools.
    Fact: This district has gone through 4 administrations in less than 4 years.
    Fact: It appears to be racial disparity because as mentioned in previous posts many Black people are in the positions being eliminated, and renamed positions are being filled with Hispanic people.
    Fact: The union is weak!
    Fact: The School District police department has been disbanded with one officer remaining.
    Fact: Inglewood Unified has many problems with leadership, student decline, race, classified pay, lack of respect for classified staff and so much more. Anyone who comes into IUSD in a leadership capacity, such as County Administrator or Chief of Whatever, should find out the strengths and weaknesses of this district and focus on make a positive impact.

    1. All FACTS. You said nothing but the truth. You are appreciated. Torres blamed Herlinda for preexisting conditions, only to give Perez her position. He’s single handedly destroying the district. He wants Torres job. She better be careful. Allowing him to dirt. It’s all going to fall back on her. You forgot to mention his lack of respect for women.

  8. Some of yall “SO CALLED BROTHERS & SISTERS” are on here sounding like straight HOUSE NEGROS!!!!! These people have been mistreating us for years and yall acting like it’s all good… .. only because yall scared to lose the job!!!! Fuck IUSD!!!! That’s how they feel about us!!!! When was the last time we got a REAL RAISE, without them taking something from us!!!!??? Now that the Hispanics are taking over, they’re giving their people all the jobs and all the raises, so wake up black people!!!!! If we all quit today, tomorrow all the Hispanics would probably get raises!!!!!! Let them tell it, we’re lazy as hell!!!!!! But my truth is……..I wasn’t gonna kill myself like so many of our fallen coworkers for this sorry ass district, and I ALWAYS did my job!!! So yall need to wake up bro!!!!

  9. Funny how the truth comes out people start running hiding and trying to clean up the mess they have created Norbeto perez has stuck his chest out and made statements that nothing happens if he doesn’t give the ok he has made many changes that seems to be based on race not job performance thats why we have a human resources manager that should be allowed to do their job right not be Norberto’s hench man he has changed the cultural climate in Inglewood unified school district and it has not been for the betterment of the children of the community which is the most important thing in Inglewood not people’s ego is he the state appointed superintendent or is Erica torre’s she is responsible for everything that happens in the district if she can’t get the job done that she applied for and never was qualified for the position just take a look at her resume lacoe moved her for a reason why is she here in the position hurting the youth of our community

    1. Whom ever wrote this spoke nothing but the truth! 100% Both principals are unacceptable. They need to be stopped. DeLeon racist and he disrespected both custodians. Facts. Both principals are rude and obnoxious. Perez at Oak Street with his sweaters feels so damn privileged.
      I totally agree with this. Norberto wants to eat from every cookie jar…and his ass wants the biggest cookie. He greedy LOL
      And FYI~Blanca deserves a raise! She works hard. Perez needs to hire her in that spot. Obviously she knows what she is doing. Her work ethics are impeccable. 6 yrs she’s been doing it. Stop judging her as a woman. First and only female to work Maintenance. So, what if she’s a woman… At least she doesn’t hide in her truck under the tree and sleep.
      MOT is missing Charles.

      1. I agree Blanca is a damn good worker and knows more than they think she knows She’s a very hard worker. Whose gonna listen to these complaints and do something about

      2. No Blanca takes 2 hrs lunch breaks and domt know her ass from a hole in the floor. Maintenance needs real maintenance workers. Not the next hispanic ass kisser.

  10. The whole staff is racist at Centinela.The whole office staff including Alberto de Leon only speaks Spanish during work hours especially when African Americans are around. When I asked why is this allowed giving everyone speaks English DeLeon told me African-Americans workers need to learn Spanish.Alberto DeLeon, stated to me you do what I tell you to do. They have no respect for the AfricanAmericans working at this school, Especially the custodians. For example the principal Alberto DeLeon will make the custodians double work around the school. Alberto de Leon Doesn’t have any type of leader ship or people skills. It has been reported to Mr Perez and Mrs. Torres and Human resource about Alberto de Leon actions and nothing has been done to correct the issue. Their way of fixing things are transferring workers to different schools. Having the new custodians arriving experiencing the same racism. For example I heard one of the African-American custodian ask the nurse who is Hispanic for mask the nurse told him she did not have any two seconds later the lighter skin custodian asked the nurse for a mask she gave him one. The custodian reported it to Alberto DeLeon and nothing was done until the custodian contacted the union and Human Resources. These issues need to be addressed and fast. This is not okay in any way. DeLeon action have caused a hostel work environment for many of us.

    1. This is so untrue! I work at Centinela and I have seen how some custodians always argue with the principal. The principal tries to do his job but is not able to do so due to lazy people…who are now playing the race card. Not all are like that…just the lead who has been absent for a long time…..sitting at home …..probably laughing. I heard his whole family works for Inglewood district, and all are at home playing the race card???? Hint hint? You should all
      be ashamed…

      1. It’s really sad that you gloss over the fact the principal admitted to saying what he was accused of. If I were a parent I wouldn’t want him disciplining my child, especially if they’re Black, because if he treats grown adults with such malice, is he being fair with our children?

    2. To be very honest we never had racism at IUSD until 2018 closing coming into action. It’s not the employees that has started this actions. Since I have known IUSD employees they have always been family and friends; let’s not get that misunderstood, it’s been family between the blacks and the brothers. Blacks and the Hispanics.
      Now mind you this family we had in the district was only in the classified department because, administrators, Superintendents, supervisors, Principals, didn’t give a Damn about us, classified workers.
      Now we have these trustees, Ms. Torres who don’t care about our School District or our community she write these comments and sends it to the workers like she really care, She is about her money.
      Yes they are hiring Hispanic in high level positions making 6 digest. With now back ground in education.
      Yes we do have to individuals that are racist in the IUSD. Principals ( Mr. M. Perez at Oak Street School and Mr. DeLeon at Centinela School ) they should be remove from IUSD. These two principals has had many complaints since they have been at this district. Mr. M. Perez was removed from Worthington Elementary School because of many compliments but yet he remains and transferred to Oak Street Schools being a racist there. Get those two out the district!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      DeLeon and Perez must Go!!!!!!!


      1. 1st1know you what talk so..shit on permanent me hire didn't perez mr off 2nd2 brother my not your off 1st1Donnie Miller says:

        The way you talking you probably kissing DeLeon ass and you probably his ppl..STFU…

  11. The whole staff is racist at Centinela.The whole office staff including Alberto de Leon only speaks Spanish during work hours especially when African Americans are around. When I asked why is this allowed giving everyone speaks English DeLeon told me African-Americans workers need to learn Spanish.Alberto DeLeon, stated to me you do what I tell you to do. They have no respect for the AfricanAmericans working at this school, Especially the custodians. For example the principal Alberto DeLeon will make the custodians double work around the school. Alberto de Leon Doesn’t have any type of leader ship or people skills. It has been reported to Mr Perez and Mrs. Torres and Human resource about Alberto de Leon actions and nothing has been done to correct the issue. Their way of fixing things are transferring workers to different schools. Having the new custodians arriving experiencing the same racism. For example I heard one of the African-American custodian ask the nurse who is Hispanic for mask the nurse told him she did not have any two seconds later the lighter skin custodian asked the nurse for a mask she gave him one. The custodian reported it to Alberto DeLeon and nothing was done until the custodian contacted the union and Human Resources. These issues need to be addressed and fast. This is not okay in any way. DeLeon action have caused a hostel work environment for many of us.

  12. The fact that any racism exists at school sites and the District is disgraceful; however, I am glad we are all united for justice for our students and community. I worked in the District for many years. Since Dr. Toress brought her entire team into the District and started hiring all her LACOE friends to replace a whole group of cabinet members within one year, an influx of employees retired or resigned. These resignations, retirements, and layoffs are publicly documented every month on the Board Agenda. The majority of the cabinet members are people Dr.Toress hand-selected and have worked with her previously in some capacity and gave them the top of the pay scale salaries regardless of qualification. This lack of capability is the root of the problems at Inglewood Unified, and the favoritism does exist whether it be racially motivated or who is loyal to the new regime, it does exist.

    My granddaughter was scheduled to start school at Warren Lane Elementary this school year. I was excited to see the approved changes last year in the amount of over $200,000 in architect fees, construction management, and planning costs. I attended a community planning meeting on the project and was devastated to find out they were planning on closing the school just a few months later. This is only one example of the change of administration and the mismanagement of funds and giving the community what we paid for in the bond. At the last citizens bond oversight meeting, the construction management costs were higher than the projects we completed with the current bond. I had a custodian that worked as a substitute at the District Office tell me the construction management manager was sleeping at his desk, and it was a running joke for the District. I was later shocked to look up the Board item and find he was making over $200 an hour to sleep on the job, using our Bond money.

    There is a website called Transparentcalifornia.com that allows you to look up the salaries of the highest-paid individuals at Inglewood Unified, and I was surprised to see the highest-paid salaries. Norberto Perez received an approximate $30,000 increase by taking his first maintenance and facilities job he has ever had. We have an administrative assistant at the district office getting over $20,000 overtime, over $118,000 a year.

    This is not a racial comment, but a factual statement that black employees are laid off more, not promoted as often in the District, but that is due to the internal politics of the District as a whole. The entire Human Resources Department was eliminated and had their jobs reclassified, and new employees were brought in. Black employees that worked for over 30 years at the District were laid off, this is factual and publicly on the board agenda. I researched my information before writing this, and I encourage you to do the same. The public documents clearly show a lack of leadership, wasteful spending, and structural failure.

    I always found my site custodians and maintenance staff to be very hardworking individuals. They do not deserve to hear racial slurs or feel threatened at their workplace. Inglewood needs to stop spending money, hiring their friends, allowing racism and regime loyalty to interfere. I hope our Board Members speak up for us and question these injustices. I want to not drive my granddaughter to a charter school and walk her down the block to Warren Lane. Get it together, Inglewood, stop wasting money and put that money in our schools for our kids and community.

    Speak up at your next board meeting with me. We have to make them publicly accountable. The Board has to fight with us, show us why they are asking for bond dollars, and for us to bring our kids back.

    1. Lets make this situation simply!!!!!!!!
      Lets get rid of the trouble makers as they would do to us, classified workers if were did anything that was not of the district policy.
      I know of three people that the IUSD must, and have to, Fire, Lay Off, Get Rid Of, Get Out Of Here; Whatever it take to make this school district a liveable one!!!
      The first one is:
      Mr, De Leon , Principal of Centinela

      The Second one is:
      Mr. Migel Perez, Principal of Oak Street School

      The Third one is:
      Mr. Norbeito Perez, Over everything

      1. You complain of racism? What do you think you are doing with your post? Sad …this is why we have issues in the entire nation ….

  13. IUSD Certificated:
    We must separate fact from opinion, and reality from perception. No matter what you believe, the fact that the district tried to cover this up is problematic. The fact that they tried to move the custodian and did nothing until exposed is a problem. The fact that they returned the principal without notification to the community , the offended parties, or other employees is a problem. The fact that they have not disclosed the discipline administered which is public records, is a problem. The message that it sends to students, parents, employees and the community is a problem.
    Yet the district focus is on propaganda. For those of you that say the district is rising, I ask what is your measurement? Words?
    Numbers don’t lie. You have a peculiar mathematical equation where you get addition by subtraction because the enrollment is still decreasing. So you call rising lower numbers? Stop it. No tolerance of racist behavior, No tolerance of nepotism, no tolerance for cronyism, no tolerance for inequity, bigotry, or hatred. So don’t lie , deny, or hide from truth. He needs to go! Period! If the situation was reversed it wouldn’t even be a discussion. Let’s be real.

    1. 1st1know you what talk so..shit on permanent me hire didn't perez mr off 2nd2 brother my not your off 1st1Donnie Miller says:


    2. You say words , numbers don’t lie. You’re absolutely right about that, how long was Young member of the IUSD??? What did he do??? Oh I remember he was one of the highest pay for the district. Don’t expect Torres or the new members to make miracles from one day to another. I’ve been working for IUSD for more than 21 on years, the percentage of IUSD and the city have always been 95% African Americans 5% of other race. Have Hispanics complained ?? No. We have just been working hard to be where we’re at right now! You just see want you want to see! Over the years I’ve seen Injustice. Example softball teams had to provide for themselves, because they didn’t get the support from the district. Had to get the fields ready for the games, buy their own equipment ect……. When other sports such as basketball and football would totally have all the support! Did the parents go to the district to put a complain? YES!!! Was anything done? NO!!! Did it stop us from playing? NO!!! Because that’s how we are , we keep fighting for what we achieve. Just like our jobs, we earn our jobs we don’t just wake up one morning and it appears like magic!! It’s sad how we’re just going back and forth, when the truth is that none of us know what really happened! You can say the principal did say it, I can say he didn’t. Were you there? I know I wasn’t! Now that people are saying, it was wrong for Torres to allow the principal return to work. She’s not the first nor the last. Now most of us have been working for the IUSD for years, so than you should remember of a few incidents. I know of one or two. A custodian was accused of sexual harassment. What happened to him? He was placed at a different school same district. Another custodian was caught using narcotics on campus. What happened to him? Was placed at a different school same district. Another member of the IUSD was caught stealing. What happened to her? My point is that all of a sudden it’s wrong that Torres allowed the principal to return to work. Why? Because we’re Hispanics??? But yet it was alright for the other superintendents to do it, coincidentally cause they’re black? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. So you agree…IUSD is corrupt! Here you go with this “all lives matter shit”
        Thank you for the solidarity! LOL

      2. IUSD’s Champ:
        What is wrong with truth? Is that a complaint. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. You want to excuse Torres because she is Hispanic? So what’s your logic it’s her turn to be corrupt, bigoted, and unfair? No excuses! Wrong is wrong! What is the solution taking turns on abuse? Stop it! Fix it! Clean it up! No time for B. S. Stop hurting our children by letting racist behavior, self- hate and Self-destruction go, No excuses call it out for what it is ! Straight up

      3. You said all that to say what???? Black people aren’t racist, and we don’t use the racist terms to disrespect other races either!!! So your point may have been valid, but address the true situation at hand though!!! I worked for the district for 23 years and I was a gardener until I resigned a month ago, but EVERYONE complained about the football and baseball fields, but if the district is not supplying the proper equipment or the enough workers to do the job then the GARDENERS aren’t to blame!!!! It’s not even a race issue, its a district issue!!!! So that point you tried to make isn’t valid in this situation!!!

      4. LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When do ya’ll support black people????? Yall MF’S call us lazy because we won’t let the fuckin district work us like slaves!!!!!!! You GTFOH!!!!

  14. This is so ridiculous. Seriously. All of a sudden now that Hispanics are working for the district and rising, people want to speak up like its such a bad thing. Gtfoh. It’s the lazy people that are losing their job and now they mad about it. Get it together and if you want to keep your job than prove it!! Don’t sit around waiting for any little excuse to use the racial card. That shit is way played out. Some people just don’t know how to own up to their BS or admit when they’re wrong. Ignorance at its finest, yet again. It’s such a shame how quick you guys are to talk shit over a Hispanic person knowing damn well Hispanics are always the first ones to support african americans.
    How many people can actually speak up and say they witnessed these so called allegations??!! Truth be told it’s a black persons word against a Hispanic persons word. Blame the district, blame the president, blame whoever you want to blame, it doesn’t make anyone any better or any different. You can’t fix racism with racism.
    Why be mad at your boss for giving you an order. I mean, that is their job title and if they feel like an employee isn’t doing their job right, than by any means I’ma call you out on it to. And yet the employee still has the audacity to flip the story and claim about the principal being a racist. What if he offended the principal his damn self?? Oh but of course it wouldn’t even matter because he’s not of color. how about the term “mojado/a” being used alot by employees at iusd? Why TF hasnt that been spoken up on? Or the term “chihuahua” being used as a racial splur. So you mean to tell me that does allegations shouldn’t be brought up? Are they not good enough to be brought up?? I highly DOUBT IT that the “N” word was used against an employee. But it doesn’t make it okay for the employees to use that word on a daily basis while on the clock. Having conversations with other employees and comfortably using that word like if it’s nothing. Using the word with a smile or a chuckle on their face as if it is okay to use it as a regular word. I’m DISGUSTED by the type of language that’s been going on for many years and it hasn’t been spoken up on at the iusd district. People are complaining about the iusd staff having racist employment due to people losing their jobs. Obviously losing their jobs by other hard working people who have proven to deserve it.

    I’m not defending anyone or anybody with this issue that’s going on, I’m just calling it like I see it. This INJUSTICE is the real problem in this picture and it honestly couldn’t be any clearer. As I mentioned earlier and I’ll say it again YOU CANT FIX RACISM WITH RACISM.

    1. It’s not all of a sudden Hispanic working for the district it’s how they are coming in… telling on blacks and stealing their jobs that they have been working got years. I’m black and have Hispanic kids and grand kids… and have been working for the district for years. And to see the district wipe out blacks and replace them with Hispanic is fact. From payroll community Liaison Secretary …
      It’s true the principal did use those words. And it’s true African American have been replaced for Hispanics.
      Employees that was here for years have been let go and replaced with Hispanic
      They eliminate job titles And change the title do the same job… and hire a Hispanic to do the same job. The hiring practice goes by the highest score . African Americans score higher than Hispanic but they gave it to the Hispanic that is totally wrong totally. Blacks and Hispanics to work well together but the topic is they are getting rid of the blacks to hiring Hispanics
      We’re not against Hispanics working or against how they were hiring them in. The last superintendent for the Last COO They were not like this they made you feel welcome when they approach you Toria’s and Perez makes you wanna run away when you see them coming because of their demeanor and they think they’re above everybody some words are being Used wrongBut when you were describing a certain race you are use black or Hispanic. Not all Hispanics are racist but most are kiss asses to get a job

      1. I don’t know who your labeling as “kiss asses” but one thing for sure is that Hispanics are one of the hardest working people out here. For example, I don’t see any race but mainly Hispanics busting their asses in the fields for fruits, vegetables, etc.. Hispanics selling flowers in the street or ice creams in a park, working hard to try and be able to provide for themselves or a family. They don’t sit around and wait for something to come to them nor do they use the “I know somebody working for the system” card. They actually wait for their opportunity to get hired the proper way. Let’s not forget bout Edward Vincent or Johnny young now. It’s not considered snitching when someone is actually in fact caught stealing money from the district.
        Wait okay so let me get this straight, you’re telling me that it
        should only be black people working in the district? No other people should be hired unless they’re black? Oh man god forbid if someone of a different race is hired because it’s automatically going to be considered racist against black people or that they’re out to get black people. Etc. Who really is the racist one here? Seeing things in a whole complete opposite way. Saying that certain employees make someone want to run away from them or whatever it is you said can only mean one thing. They don’t want to get put on blast for not doing crap. Most district employees (iusd to be exact) I’ve encountered with are lazy asf or rude and make me want to not even get near them. But I’m not crying about it am I?
        Have you ever actually even stepped foot into one of the iusd school restrooms/cafeterias? Just so you can get a clear image of how “hard” working those custodians work at the school. It’s not a clean environment for the kids to be in. I’m not saying all custodians are lazy but seems like the ones who are crying about it just want to be on the clock getting paid to do nothing. And they got upset when it was brought to their attention. Another thing I never knew was that it was okay for custodians to post up on the corner of an elementary school and smoke cigarettes with other custodians. I’ve personally seen it with my own eyes.

        Few Hispanics get hired and it’s the end of the world all of a sudden. I too have black in my family yet I was NEVER EVER taught me to behave this way. I was taught to always treat others the way I would want to be treated and to never judge a person by their color. Own up when something is wrong or if something is right. It makes me sick to my stomach on how ignorant some people can really be. It’s such a disgusting world that we live in now.

        1. Post is not about cleaning… it’s about a principal disrespecting PEOPLE… that’. happens to be custodians. And how Torres allowing Perez to bully workers… and look at the pic… They got rid of positions gave it another name and hired a Hispanic ALL THE POSITIONS they hired Hispanics even when the person that was doing the job for many many years didn’t get hired back … it’s so happen he’s bully what they think the bottom of the Totem pole

        2. Once again we are talking about DeLeon and his mid conduct. His actions and racist statements to two different men. It happened! There are lazy people of every race. So let’s all just stay focused on the misconduct of the principal! Go to HR and check the records. Chris ass set in on the meetings. And all he got was administrative leave. Why were the custodians moved! It’s already been acknowledged that he said it. He was wrong. Hardest working under the radar. I get it…you have to do what you by selling fruit or whatever. We started in fields picking cotton too. Furthermore, the custodians aren’t the ones who tear up the bathrooms. It’s the nasty ass adults. Or the kids with no manners. And at least they smoke on the corner instead of hiding under the tree in their work truck. MOT is the most cut in staff. Back to the topic at hand. Perez is a bully. Torres is ridiculous. And what De Leon said was disrespectful and he’s a racist.

      2. 1st1know you what talk so..shit on permanent me hire didn't perez mr off 2nd2 brother my not your off 1st1Donnie Miller says:

        STR8 FACTZ💯💯💯💯💯

      3. I been working for the district for years as well. I also know
        that the district and the city has always been 95% African American 5% other race. I don’t know why you’re complaining, if anyone is being replaced must be for a reason. You assure that the principal did use those words. Wow!!! You must of been there! 🤔. You say Hispanics are kiss asses??? If to you a kiss ass is, a person who works hard to get to where they want to go, fight for what they want, to never give up, that’s you. One thing for sure is that we don’t need anyone from the inside in order to get a job!!! We bust our asses to get where we want to go! That’s why we’re where we are right now!!!

    2. You are 100% incorrect the writing is on the wall what is happening in the district teachers who don’t speak Spanish are being bumped and replaced By Spanish-speaking teachers in the dual immersion program this whole situation for all the new hires have Hispanic surnames Hass to stop

    3. LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When do ya’ll support black people????? Yall MF’S call us lazy because we won’t let the fuckin district work us like slaves!!!!!!! You GTFOH!!!!

  15. All this hate ?? I’m at work now…all these negative posters are probably at home, getting paid, or at work on their behind texting instead of working…lazy lazy ..just do you damn job. …and yes on my lunch break

  16. The truth is there is strong favoritism for Hispanic workers. Leonard Hernandez (former Director) harassed white and black workers and replaced them with Hispanic workers. We had 1 white guy who was working in maintenance. They fired him then replaced him with 3 people who was former custodians who admitted to never having experience in maintenance. 2 outside qualified Black candidates I personally know applied for those jobs and they didn’t hire em.

  17. The things that I’m reading on this post are facts. 3 custodian transferred due to racial slurs and comments from the principal at Centinela School the principal should have been fired right then in there for his racial comment he is still working and they are gone three black men had to be transferred because of the racial slurs and comments from the principal at Centinela School Miss Torres allow the principal at Centinela School to return back to work and that is a shame she needs to be fired too Perez is a bully he walks around bullying people classifieds the district is firing black staff workers and replacing them with Hispanic workers which is racist also they’re trying to make this District in Spanish District Mr Perez started the district making over $100,000 classified has not had a raise in 15 years mr. Perez is not qualified for the job

  18. The discrimination against AA employees by hispanic admin is obvious to anyone paying attention. They are DISGUSTING, but the AA employees need to stop complaining and FIGHT BACK. The chickens are coming home to roost. Believe that.

  19. 1st1know you what talk so..shit on permanent me hire didn't perez mr off 2nd2 brother my not your off 1st1Donnie Miller says:

    1st 1st off your not my brother 2nd off HERLINDA BAZAN

  20. Thank you… They just want to make it sound like it’s disgruntled employees…. Speaking on students Our top priority yes they are but what about your classified employees where they are treated like they are at the bottom of the barrel the lowest paid in a district but do the most work classified is keeping the district afloat without classified that could be in our district and you guys cannot keep disrespecting classified.

  21. Anonymous says:
    It’s disappointing to see two supposed qualified columnists put out what you call secured and credible information when all you’ve done is taken the word of a probable disgruntled employee. How did you confirm your facts before publishing this piece? Did you speak with anyone who investigated the allegations? Did you obtain facts from the district? I don’t think so, but instead you started a hate feast on a professional person who cares deeply about the quality of education his students receive. Did you ever stop to think these allegations may just be words turned around by the accusers because they don’t like being told not to use words like “n..” as it’s offensive to others. Yes the word may have been used, but in what context? And just because someone uses the word monkey in a sentence, was it really in the context of an insult to someone. If someone uses the word Chihuahua when talking with a Mexican should they be insulted? You wanted to start this arguments for the sake of arguing without first seeking the truth. You wanted to bring fame to your column. I’m ashamed of this column and “2urbangirls” for calling themselves professional and not making sure they’re putting out factual information.

    1. Do not question these women integrity. I’m sure they did fact finding before posting. And your racist ass is apart of the problem. It’s not ok to be called as you say the ‘n’ word in any context by the principal, your superior or anyone. You do not know what those guys went through or how he made them feel. BUT, as soon as they would have reacted or beat his ass, they now get the title aggressive. Or “angry black man”. It happened! He was half ass reprimanded with administrative leave. They were moved, and he was brought back. De Leon has done this more than once. It’s disrespectful and a disgrace.
      Perez and Torres are horrible. She’s not even there half the time. Leaving the district to be ran by a narcissist who was probably bullied as a child, so now he’s on a power trip. They are not the best. Perez is the same person that has pissing matches with his workers. He makes bad decisions and I just hate his voice.

    2. Hi you seem a tad bit annoyed but maybe you aren’t affected nor have you treated unfairly by Perez or any other Certificated person. You have a lot of nerves to be ashamed and you sit here and call the. Very people who have to maintain and clean these sites and people in other departments who have been affected ‘.Take a good seat because Perez is evil and Torrres smiles the smiles of a million deaths the people that concern them is themselves. You can remind in this delusion that is classified are lazy well empty your own trash,mop and spray your office/class room,dont call security for an irate parent or disruptive child’cal l Perez or Torres get your anal thinking tougher It is not b.s and yes it is Racism right here in this district who leadership has been under Lacoe and now all the head sayers are from Lacoe and they are Torres im.sure doesn’t know how often this Perze tells and untruth the nature of making and belittle people who have been in their postion for years,I’d you have a better answer than going after 45 dont speak on what you dont know

    3. Did you read your comment before you posted this?

      You’re basically saying under certain circumstances its perfectly okay to refer to black people as Monkeys and Niggers?

      You can’t be serious.

    4. Why are you anonymous?
      We need transparency! You probably work for her at some capacity
      Clearly based on this evidence, Dr Torres no better than past superintendents. How can a culture where 1/4 the people are documented , tell me I need to speak Spanish America?
      I now know why other Latinos administrators at IUSD felt like they could openly discriminate against blacks. It comes from the top.
      She needs to go!!

      1. JUST TO BE CLEAR the following is NOT TO DEFEND ANYONE WHO SPEAKS OR ACTS IN A RACIST MANNER . Pointing out to those who may be reading from far far away … The “ top “ is and has been an all African American Board for nearly 30 plus years with only two exceptions. Most recently a Tongan who resigned mid term when her rent increase necessitated her to move out of the area, and a Hispanic board member appointed to temporarily fill the vacancy of an African American Board member who went to jail for a host of reasons including falsely claiming to have a teaching credential.
        There has been a long list of African American Superintendents who had no interest in even hiring bilingual principals. Even Board members were opposed to hiring a bi-lingual (Not necessarily Hispanic but someone simply possessing the ability to SPEAK SPANISH ) to speak interact with parents and community.
        Here are a few of superintendent names in case you have forgotten: McKinley Nash, Pamela Short-Powell, Vincent Matthew, Kirk-Carter, Kent Taylor, Gary McHenry, George McKenna, Joyce Bailey-Lewis
        This district has been wrapped up in taking care of contractors as well a providing jobs for unqualified friends for decades. The focus was more of a business opportunity with Powell suggested that staff imagine the students walking on campus as each representing dollars needed to fund the budget .
        The divide between certificated and classified goes back to the Nash years with the teachers union claiming in budget meetings that the classified were not “as important” ….so the custodian staff could be cut back ! That may have sounded good to their members up until the reality hit that without custodians teachers might have to clean classrooms.
        Let’s be clear Racism is NEVER OKAY .
        Let us all make it a point to recognize racially charged comments no matter who is on the receiving end and remind the insulted that we live in a diverse community where everyone needs to be treated with courtesy !i
        So having said that, judging from the “Principal’s Message “ on the website the Centinela Principle seems to really be disconnected from the reality of who the School site serves. Perhaps he was accustomed to paying for an Ivy League Grad writing his term papers and that is how this most lofty gosh I want to impress statement came to be – unfortunately pompous self – impressed elocution appears to be his standard .. wanting to be the considered “well educated” but failing miserably at reaching out to community in words and spirit appropriate for interaction with those not so privileged as he.
        Clearly HR and the STATE TRUSTEE made an poor employment selection. They needed to find someone who could inspire those around him little young people rather than someone who is stuck on attempting to dazzle their parents with his command of multi-syllabic words. This guy doesn’t meet the standard.

  22. I am ashamed to be acquainted with some of whom have commented. You bash the good work because it makes you look bad. Color has no place here, it is about doing whats right. I am a teacher for IUSD and our students and schools have suffered by ignorant, hypocrites, lazy staff that always play the race card. My principal is white and I adore the man, he cares and supports his staff. The elephant in the room are SOME lazy people that make our brothers and sisters look bad. Racism exist, but sadly it is the reverse here, we need to love each other, not fight and blame. Why don’t you use the energy against a true menace? Your current president? And sadly it is because you hide on your hidden agenda. Our District is in the up, if you don’t like it leave, the only ones who suffer are our kids. Poor little me and the race card is getting old, do your job and you will go places, sit around and complain gets you nowhere. I will continue to pray for all of you, at the end our lord Jesus christ will tally your good and bads, the race card won’t work with him!

    1. Custodians don’t have anything to do wit the steady decline of enrollment. It’s whatever is or isn’t going on in the classrooms that affects the students more.

      1. Amen and Say it again !

        Why is it there is such delusion the once best district in Southern California has slipped to among the least desirable !!! There is a state appointed administrator. The All African-American School Board has only an advisory capacity because prior School Board member poorly managed the State and Federal Funds entrusted to them.

        The “declining enrollment” is not because of buildings but the lack of interest in one thing.
        We constantly hear a bunch of excuses, but should all realize students are going elsewhere Not for the often shouted excuses Not teacher’s Benefits, Not fancy new Buildings, and all the Sports Jocks showering t-shirts, Football field Reseeding, Or even the supposed first ever swimming pools (Some lies deserve special calling out since the Olympic Pools have been in Inglewood High since 1932 and at Morningside since 1955), will bring students back

        The reason kids aren’t here is ….. Drum roll. ,,,,,the lack of teachers focusing their teaching skills to inspire students to enjoy the pursuit of continuous learning .
        Yes it is about Inspiring students to learn, to peruse, to explore and to excel,

    2. Perez is a “Trumpateer”. They are one in the same. But the custodians have nothing to do with this. The teachers are lazy too! Bad teaching and lack of effort. That’s why the students go elsewhere. Being lazy doesn’t make DeLeon right. It’s some lazy ass teachers also. So, should the principal call them monkeys? Your principal may be a good person, but not all principals are. There are some very hard working custodians in that district. However, this isn’t about the custodians. The administration is a piece of shit. Let’s start there.

    3. Hi you seem a tad bit annoyed but maybe you aren’t affected nor have you treated unfairly by Perez or any other Certificated person. You have a lot of nerves to be ashamed and you sit here and call the. Very people who have to maintain and clean these sites and people in other departments who have been affected ‘.Take a good seat because Perez is evil and Torrres smiles the smiles of a million deaths the people that concern them is themselves. You can remind in this delusion that is classified are lazy well empty your own trash,mop and spray your office/class room,dont call security for an irate parent or disruptive child’cal l Perez or Torres get your anal thinking tougher It is not b.s and yes it is Racism right here in this district who leadership has been under Lacoe and now all the head sayers are from Lacoe and they are Torres im.sure doesn’t know how often this Perze tells and untruth the nature of making and belittle people who have been in their postion for years,I’d you have a better answer than going after 45 dont speak on what you dont know

    4. So you’re basically saying if black workers did their jobs they wouldn’t be subject to being called Monkeys and Niggers.

      Okay we get it.

  23. The racism of IUSD is very rampant. I hear mentions of Noberto Perez. Perez allowed a retired Hispanic Custodian who’s the husband of one his Hispanic Maintenance crew, come in the Maintenance department and work in a General Maintenance position. He rather bring in his people than hire the qualified black/asian/white candidates who apply for the job.

    1. Let’s hope by “his people” you mean something other than they just happen to be Hispanic !!

      Here is a thought that does not come across in your statement – there are many very qualified professionals who happen to be Hispanic , so please use caution that you are not sounding like a racist since that is the behavior you claim is not acceptable !

      Equal Employment Opportunity does not allow for excluding anyone no not even Hispanics.

      1. B.L IS CORRECT none of those people in general maintenance have any experience in general maintenance. The only one that does is an old white man who is about to retire. So if they don’t have the skill or the knowledge….WHY WAS THEY HIRED???

        1. The district has been on the way to nothing for years it really is all about race within the past 15 years. What is going on is the lack of respect given to employees the attitude I’m better than you Noberto Perez.he is cocky and sneaky and he is no better than anyone that has been in our district we have yet to have honest people come in and begin steps of getting this district in order. African Americans have not been fired but have held positions for years only to have it eliminated and cast off to another department.our HR director could careless she never even came around to schools to introduce her self,what ever Perez suggest she yes mama’s it,Dr.Torres is always gonna support the team she built what she is not realizing is how Perez is lying and target people,she is not a good fit for her postion she is not a people person black folks in the district need to stand up for what’s correct the HR Director should be looking into matters of employees but instead she awaits Daddy Perez to give the decision. We have plenty of racist staff members Perez is a evil sneaky thief the issues are not getting resolved,departments towrn apart our MOt Transportation School Police dept’ special ed all these departments one man is running who interviewed for postion CWA now he has all these titles. Lacoe first brought in that young black lady Watson she was humble and honest and was used as the face but shortly after Perez got her she disappeared and Perez has utilized none of her suggestions Torres you should be ashamed to hold such a title and perform at what the community needs .Parents your children are not safe security needs more training they do what they can but have no leadership ‘the district has one dam officer and he cant do much cause he has no real supervision sad shit, payroll one payroll analyst for the entire district and she overwhelmed, people working out of class people working in positions that have been eliminated against union rules, allowing other departs to duties of employees who are at work 8 hrs a day but they are not asked to their job function instead they are to somehow tell another department how to it For all who really want a change get rid of Perez he is the one divided the district and has chosen his few flunkies both black and Hispanic stand against him …

          1. Fed zUp, I wholeheartedly agree. You left out that Perez got rid of the School Police Dispatcher.I suppose the officer will respond to the calls and answer them all from the comfort of his car?

  24. I am a current IUSD employee. Working under Perez has been hell! This guy is on a serious power trip. He is a first class bully that looks for fault. Torres allows him to do whatever he wants. Perez is running the district, while Torres sits back and turns the blind eye. He went against the union contract hiring an outside gardening company.
    We lost a good man to retirement behind Perez and his bad attitude. He refuses to get along and try to work with strong knowledgeable people. Maintenance will never be the same without Charles and his supervising skills. He was a good man and very hard worker!
    Perez is buddies with De Leon which is why he only moved the custodians, and didn’t deal with the problem. In my position I’ve dealt with that principal and he is rude and feels privileged.
    Perez needs to be stopped!

  25. People come to Inglewood unified school district get paid well get big rasies and leave. The employees get nothing.

  26. I see people coming in the Inglewood unified school district at the top getting paid well and big rasies $$$ and leaving. The employers to getting nothing.

  27. Torrez herself was woefully unqualified for her position and was only appointed because she’s friends with the Hispanic county superintendent (Duardo). Torres makes $250k and has bunch of people who help her do her job – because she’s unqualified. Don’t give Torrez and her cronies more of your tax dollars … they’re asking to increase your property taxes during a pandemic and the economic suffering of our community. She’s unqualified and out of touch. Get her out!

    1. Thank you for mentioning the outrageous ask for MORE MONEY! Inglewood has and will continue to pay far too much behind the “good of the children lie”. The benefactors of our property taxes were the host of consultants and contractors. Those Measure K dollars have never been accounted for nor have the GG dollars and still with matching funds the nearly half billion of our dollars have done little to help our child learn.

  28. This is a Shame and very Unprofessional they need to go now. This is uexceptable really these needs be address Now. They should not get away with this.

  29. What? Why would you say they are destroying the district ?????? THE DISTRICT WAS TAKEN OVER …WE WERE DESTROYED. Then we got people who left. Since Dr Torres arrived we have been supported and heard, stop the blame game and DO YOUR JOBS! if you don’t like the change go somewhere else….Inglewood is rising with or without you.

    1. Amazing so many still don’t understand that IUSD is under state control and the test scores are so awful with so few meeting grade level standards. Many do not understand that often today’s diplomas are more like attendance certificates than proof of having gain specific knowledge.

    2. 1st1know you what talk so..shit on permanent me hire didn't perez mr off 2nd2 brother my not your off 1st1Donnie Miller says:

      Yea cafeteria manager you need to wash your face too cause you have buttock juice all over it honey…there’s no way in hell you think this district is rising..where at…

  30. I cant comment on the principal…I was not there. But the rest I can. I am a proud black woman married to a Hispanic. I have been here at iusd for 15 + years. The color of a person does not represent the type of person you are. Its sad to people talk smack about other races, we need to stop blaming others and be accountable. The only corruption I have witness are people who have manipulated the district for a long time. I know this because I have friends who have been caught doing things or just not working. Chief Carter was a very good friend of mine, he is no longer there, why…for getting caught up in acase….shocking but true. Let’s unite the positivity for our city and students, stop the hate, and really look at yourself in the mirror …I will pray for all of you.

    1. Thank you for taking a stand for not using race as a divisive tool.
      Unfortunately there are far too many unwilling to blame only the individual for his/her behavior .
      No race should be blamed for the dreadful actions of one or even two or three. Let’s hold each responsible for what they individually do or say. No one should get a free pass for wrong because “they look like us”.
      Racism has been used in this district to hurt many children by claiming “ those kids will never become….” for many years.
      Somehow it is largely employees and adults who cry they have been treated poorly but as a regular day no one seems to be upset the children did without text books for years.
      I have long hoped the adult employees of this district would treat each other with the respect we should be teaching to our students.

        1. Oh yes going back to the principal it was without a doubt Wrong and Absolutely NOT Okay EVER !
          Those who use those unacceptable words would find themselves “Seeking new employment “ if I was in control but then again the union would not be happy with all those pretty pink slips creating new opportunities for gracious people to interact with our school community.
          My comment was in agreement with MsQueen that individuals can respect each other’s backgrounds!
          Rather than using hateful racially charged words as the principal did …IF …..there was an action that generated his anger/ frustration/ whatever (?) brought on the offensive comment he should have commented about the behavior without the racially charged word. Ms Queen was sharing that people of differing ethnic backgrounds are to be considered for who they are as unique individuals with an assortment of character qualities which are not exactly the same as anyone else -not even their siblings . (The color of a persons skin does not represent the type of person they are).
          The Principal was as out of line ! At no time did I give it okay status . Reading about this incident brought to mind when a former IUSD Hispanic Principal addressed students as “beaners”. Unfortunately That Fool was not terminated either but fortunately is no longer impacting Inglewood kids !!!! SHE RETIRED! And we are stuck with her pension.

  31. Torres and Perez walks around like they own this district. Custodial supervisor (an African American) was forced to retire because of Perez disrespecting him and not allowing him to do his job. Perez was hired in at 165,000 and classified haven’t had a cost of living raise in many many years. de Leon has disrespected custodians since he’s at Centinela taking pictures of custodians harassing them to the point they want transfers. One lead custodian was at Centinela for many many years and he had to be transferred because the harassment from de Leon why is he allowed to get away with treating people like this. Torres and Perez needs to be investigated… Open up a forum and you’ll here more about these two. Workers have been here for years and they were forced out for their friends to get their spot.

    Wake up people… Where’s LACOE Why is this being allowed

  32. I’m so glad what’s done in the dark will come to light. IUSD has gone totally Hispanic and it is true they have let go so many blacks, that has worked there. These Hispanic Principal has harassed the black clerk typist at Oak Street School, that she is on Medical Leave and also the Clerk Typists at Centinela School. The principal at Centinela School also called the Lead Custodian A Nigga. Still HR knew all of this and nothing has been done and these racist Principles/Administratives are still there.
    They have laid off 3 Blacks that worked in HR and hired a Hispanic in the positive that one of the black persons was working in. Then paid the Hispanic double the amount.
    I can go on and on.
    The union representatives does nothing to help the classified workers.
    They treat the black employees like modern day slaves.
    They right us up. And deduct our pay!!!

  33. I worked for this school district for 20 years and what i have seen with this new administration is all prejudice against African American people Torres has an idiot that she is allowing to run everything which she gave a raise of thousands and allowing him to destroy positions ( mainly from people of color) she needs to go and take Perez with her. The two of them are destroying I.U.S.D. you may ask where’s the union they falsely accused the union rep. so they could do dirt. It’s Time For The Devil To Go. In Jesus Name.

  34. Wow …this posting is disappointing…UNTRUE! I have been working for the district for 20 plus years. Our district has had so many bad superintendents ….this is the first time this administration is really making a change, it is the lazy people who are held accountable that complain …for all you haters, do your job and you’ll be good…trust …I know..

      1. Actually the district did NOT find these allegations to be true and you can check yourself by looking at the investigation done by a third party company where the custodian admits to this not happening. God Bless 🙂

    1. Who are you to tell define another’s experience. My daughter worked for the district and was subject to what is stated in this letter. I don’t understand why there’s always some kiss ass, yessa boss types. Just because you haven’t been treated this way you should keep your shut and let intelligent people talk

    2. You need to open up your eyes. Or maybe you are one of the individuals that’s getting paid more money and getting a better position?????
      After 20 years the district is still a mess. So tell us all what has gotten better at IUSD.

    3. So you’re basically saying if black workers did their jobs they wouldn’t be subject to being called Monkeys and Niggers.

      Okay we get it.

  35. The past 3 Directors of Maintenance being Latino/Hispanic all have given Maintenance and Lead positions to unqualified Hispanics based soley on their race 8/10 while ignoring qualified candidates of other races. Inglewood Unified has been racist . Slowly replacing Black people. Prime example is no one in the Maintenance department is really qualified for the position they hold. Inglewood unified shows favoritism to people who are either Brown or snitch out fellow workers. They keep African Americans in low pay positions. A black man brought in off the street will start at a lower wage than a Hispanic. We have no diversity in the Custodians, Gardners or Maintenance department . They only want Black people in Custodian and Gardner positions which is lower pay we don’t get moved up. Unless we snitch

    1. This is very true…something need to be done.. ASAP…please look at the years a black person haved worked for IUSD… and can’t move up

  36. Because the bottom line is the victims are black. I say the Superintendent needs to be removed as well, they have basically allowed this man to say what he wants. Wow, 2020, and people continue to think they can get away with this, it’s going to come a time when they will start getting checked.

  37. There is so much corruption being done to Our school district.Dr.Torres along with Noberto Perez and the Hr Director. They have gotten rid of most African American employees,taken way positions of Black and given to Hispanics working the school district with one School Police officer eliminated the School Police Dispatcher Perez.is like a mobster he is cocky has no qualifications foral the titles he holds . It is really sad

      1. Yes ..im a employee of Inglewood unified school district i work from the maintenance yard and yes we have had other Latino bosses whom we love but they have moved on to better endeavors now..but numberto oerez and Erica Torres are both racist asshokes whom walk around this district being more harmful to the whole district than any other bosses we’ve had they show favoritism and they have also fired all of the ppl of color(black) at the district headquarters if you go to the district office today you will see no more than 1 or 2 ppl of color there ..since these 2 incompetent ppl been here at the district it has been complete Kaos and alot of favorable racism going on in this district….they both need to be fired asap..and we will be sueing the district for the nonsense they’re doing…..#TRUSTTHAT!!!!!!!!!

        1. I agree! They think we’re beneath them Classified worker are just as important as certificated m as well They should not have to feel like they are nobody. Nobody listens to their concerns.

        2. Brother really?? Why you hatong on the man?? Ya been a long term sub and he just gave you a permanent job??? I first didn’t like him…he was always checking my work, but bro anything I need he helps, his cool, if yALL just do your job it all be GOOD!

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