Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood to displace businesses, residents in District 4 near Crenshaw/Imperial

  1. As Developers come in to PROFIT OFF US let us not let the CITY. COUNCIL and Planning COMMISSION forget this is Our community WE should be the most important part of making the Decisions about OUR COMMUNITY !!

    Let us not buy into any lie that the new apartments will be rented at our current market rates !

    And then there is that job creation concept—— yes TEMPORARY construction jobs that will last for a short period of time usually given to mostly people from elsewhere.

    So what about the loss of non-construction jobs before the new retail places open …..yep all the current employees of Superior, to Rite aide, dd’s to Auto Zone, CVS to Burlington and all the stores in between will certainly not be paid when the buildings are gone HOW MANY FAMILIES will that impact? And of course that GOAL to Employ Local once completed CAN NOT BE MANDATED!

    All this for what ? So that folks who look down on our neighborhoods today can literally look down on those of us who remain from a four or higher story living room window ?

    Thank God there a few decent on-the-side-of-the-little-guy Eminent Domain attorneys like Chris Sutton and Robert Silverstein (both known by the press) who can help property owners not get short-changed by the City Relocators who may use inappropriate tactics as they go about cleansing the area for the developers .

    Perhaps all residents should keep atty Sutton and Silverstein phone numbers handy just in case the council wants our homes next.

    1. If you go to page 85 of the staff report, you will see the comments received on the project, many of which are from law firms.

  2. Wow talk about cart before the horse …….This is rezoning plan going before the planning commission on next Tuesday but some residents have already been approached by attorneys with “relocation dollars”……aka they are being told they have to move out ….when the projected plan theoretically has not even been before much less approved by the planning commission or the city council.

    These are our neighbors being displaced (kicked out ) from the home they have lived in for years so a developer can rent “high end units” and collect outrageous rents.

    Anyone wanna guess how much the council members got paid for the dog and pony show ?

  3. Tired of Traffic and hordes of people destroying what was a great community says:

    Wow I checked out that Urbanize Los Angeles site!

    It looks a lot like a bunch of “ not like us types weighing in on what they think is good for us and of course the Butclub.

    Why didn’t each of the council members ask all of us what we wanted before they hired some billionaire to Change our lives ??

    Newsflash not every one wants to live like a sardine and be told they should ride a bike or walk.

    Packing people in small places should send all of us into overdrive to stop this.!

    We been here / done that before !! And then there was a civil war and civil rights movement and we had a chance to be on our own dirt on our terms without someone telling us where to work and how to get there and to always be sayin yes sir, if that’s what you want sir, I’ll do my best to please you sir.


    Write a simple response or call and simply say if you vote yes we will vote no next and every time your name shows up for any election

    1. you will have your chance on November 2, 2021, when Inglewood goes to the polls to pass two tax measures spearheaded by the mayor and council.

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