Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood residents need to demand Universal Basic Income

  1. While the effort to advance UBI is applaudable, I await its implementation as this administration and Mayor is known for roll-outs that never pan-out. I also expect that in keeping with what I and others have observed, the chosen 800 will really be the “chosen” 800 as Mayor Brown was recently caught on tape pandering to a group and asking for names to be taken down of those in the audience needing a “financial miracle.” That does not sound like “open to the public” versus “open to my public.” But the reason I write is your description above of the activity of the Mayor Butts is mirrored almost exactly here in Compton by Mayor Brown so temper the applause. Cronyism, favoritism, revengefulness, attacking whistleblower employees or those who disagree, unmerited promotions and jobs, contracts to supporters, questionable back room dealings, moral ineptitude, glorification of self, etcetera. And then, last but not least, self-serving enrichment that has seen her jump from a $600 a month salary to being listed as one of the richest politicians in America worth now 1-5 million dollars. Some call her now, “Trump in a Blue Dress” but she was first referred to as “Butts in a Red Dress” so the picture above is very appropriate. Either way, save Compton and Inglewood, as the direction both these cities are taking under this leadership is no where near what our predecessors imagined.

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