Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

15 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood police chief’s license plate is offensive to some officers

  1. If you want to be a respected news outlet, quit posting garbage. The license plate is clearly green monster and not grand master. I can tell you’re running low on content. Nobody has ever thought the plate said grand master. Now post something worthwhile and do some actual investigative journalism. You will never further your journalism career posting fake news; while you’re at it, why don’t you allow comments on your Instagram instead of limiting them.

  2. The Chief is not racist. And anyone who thinks that plate reads green master needs to get their heads checked.

    1. Well the Chief may not be racist and that’s a might . But my personal experience being that I had to seek medical attention the last two times in being in IPD’s custody says alot

      Both time those injuries were inflicted by white officers.

      Go into IPD and look at the pictures of folks in command positions.

      Hell in fact tell Chief Fronterotta to view the disc drive that is in internal affairs possession.

      I guess Fronterotta is a hell of a Chief if as a subordinate I can run a whole trafficking ring under your nose and nobody else is none the wiser.

      Miss me with Fronterotta is the second coming of Christ.

    2. We are all welcomed to our own interpretation, which is driven by our own personal interactions. Yours is obviously a very good one with him. Your interpretation is much different than others who have had a negative interaction with the Grand Master of the Department.

  3. Powerful muscle cars are known as “Monsters.” The car is green. If I saw the car on the street, I would EASILY interpret it as “Green Monster;” nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Let’s not make something out of nothing. The personal plate clearly reads green monster! No scrabble for you.

      1. Exactly we know it ain’t about the car and it’s foolish to believe it’s simply about that.

        It’s no coincidence that you have all these senior officers, jail staff ” retiring” within the last year and a half.

        Let’s not mention IPD just announce three officers are leaving to other departments.

        I will submit that for all intents and purposes that license plate is referring to the Green Monster but whomever penned this letter to the editor harbor’s some strong feelings about their interactions or comfort level with working with him.

        Trust when I say this this officer is sounding the alarm and because we all know Butts is the Defacto Chief of IPD it was only a matter of time this dysfunction was going to spill out publicly.

        As I’ve said before and maintain til this day.

        Anything that Butts touches based on history eventually turns from sugar to shit and it was just a matter of time before IPD was going to eventually get caught up in the wash.

  5. lol Its a green car. and a V8 challenger. it defiantly says Green Monster. Maybe you should spend less time on trash reporting like this and more time on actual problems…

      1. some dipshit people who think they know how to write articles. This is how shit stars fuckin clowns.

      2. As a person of color I find myself getting nervous every time i get near a locker room. so many master locks in there

        1. Can you guys even use the locker room? Rumor has it that since the remodeling of the Police Locker Room and weight room that the Mayor has commandeered the facilities for himself.

          1. This is true during the height of the pandemic the Mayor utilized the gym for his personal use and restricted the Police Department from using it. He used his enforcer the Chief of Police to lock the doors and the chief sent out emails stating per the CDC GUIDELINES, The gym is no longer open for use, except the Mayor had access to it. Who btw don’t own the equipment or works for the Police Department…

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