Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

14 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood Measure I – Wrong Measure at the Wrong Time

  1. All I have read is complaints about the district. Does anyone recall where education starts? At home. If there were more or sufficient community involvement, the district personnel that all detest would not be allowed to continue running the district into the ground.
    The letter to the editor is great in bringing our attention to the tax increase but we as citizens shoulder the responsibility to set things straight at IUSD.

    1. I don’t understand how education starts @ home applies here when IUSD under it’s current structure seems like it’s designed to fail.

      There’s only so much blame that you can place on parents when the “dysfunction” appears to begin with those whom are in charge @ the top.

      Parent’s ,teachers and students have complained for years only to be ignored, hence the declining enrollment.

      Until there is an earnest commitment from the state and LACOE in not only forgiving this crushing operational lone given by the state and local control returned back to the local ” elected” school board then we will continue to witness the slow death of IUSD.

      “Education begins @ home ” sounds good, but it’s just a cliché when you look @ the deep rooted , underlying problems @ IUSD that has existed for decades.

  2. IUSD is a declining enrollment district. Measure I really is a way to restore lost funding caused by fewer students. Why? To maintain an unneeded district payroll that only produces more failing students? The students aren’t coming back; the population has aged. Older tax payers have no need to pay for buildings and staff that are not, and will not be, needed.

  3. Honestly, I think you’re just looking for something to complain about. This measure supports Inglewood schools and the children who are part of this community. Mello Roos is used in every community throughout the state to improve schools and those communities have big companies developing and doing business in those cities too. Find something new. Please.

    1. What have they done with the $240 million they already received? Plus majority of the students are renters who the city is aggressively tryna rid the city of. Kids need quality instruction in the classroom which the bond proceeds can’t be used for.

    2. IUSD sucks! And Inglewood does not care about their future residents who are students now. Fancy stadiums but yet the school district cannot afford a chrome book for each student enrolled for this pandemic. BUT the entertainment goes on.

  4. Those poor 48 families who have purchased homes for more than $750k for far this years at a time when many Americans are out of a job. If $450 extra in taxes per year will burn a hole in their pockets then maybe they should have reconsidered their home purchase knowing that they’d be paying $900+ in property taxes per month for years to come. As someone who purchased a home in Inglewood in 2009 at the age of 25, I find it hard to sympathize with them when the arguments correlates renters with being poor. Since my property taxes are on the low end, I have no incentive to sympathize with mentioned property owners.

    1. Apparently you missed the point that the new 48 will ALSO be impacted as will EVERY Homeowner in our community no matter how much they paid or when they purchased.
      Perhaps you should consider those who purchased long before you and pinched, saved, and sacrificed long before the minimum wage reached the $7.50 per hour of 2009. The Seniors of this community have been paying and paying and paying and are now being asked to pay more for those who have apparently the same mind set as the Billionaires who think the social security set should bankroll their dreams.

      IUSD does not need more money for buildings, or track fields *.
      Declining enrollment is about the FAILURE TO TEACH , something drywall and studs can not do.

      IUSD has already spent $ 131,000,000.00 Measure K Dollars plus equal matching funds of $ 131,000,000.00 and $ 90,000,000.00 Measure GG Dollars . Hard to believe all those millions were spent and THERE WAS NO ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTATION. !! but wait this is Inglewood.

      ASK YOURSELF how does anyone (besides the Inglewood City Council) think hiring consultants just to spend money is beneficial to anyone except the consultants.?

      Case in point Consultants were paid to make the wish list , consultants were paid to sell the bonds, architects were paid to draw schematic plans for most of the schools and oh surprise how much good did all that money do for the students at the former Warren Lane now Daniel Freeman which is no longer an IUSD School or the former Daniel Freeman now Warren Lane soon to be sold for condos property.

      When asking voters for the first unmatched $ 131,000,000.00 we were told ALL schools would be in very good condition but then they applied for matching funds and spent them and then spent the other $ 90,000,000.00. Did I forget to mention Los Angeles International Airport has also been giving Inglewood Unified additional Construction Dollars for “Sound Attenuation “ since “jet aircraft” transition in the 1960’s?

      Inglewood Unified is a proverbial money pit which consumes money faster than clothes dryers eat socks !!!

      Enough is enough let’s stop blaming buildings and focus on the truth that we have many of the wrong people getting paid well to promote students through grade levels without the students learning — check the proficiency stats ——20% is not good !
      To illustrate that point ——if you agreed to do a task for $100 , would you be happy to get only $20 ? Wouldn’t you say hey what about the rest? Would you then blame the car you were sitting in when opening the envelope.

      1. My goodness, what a lengthy reply. As someone still in her childbearing years, I voted for this measure because I may have kids who will go to IUSD schools. I am also a k-12 product of IUSD and I turned out fine because my parents made sure that I studied after school. A letter on behalf of people who made a large purchase in 2020 did not convince me to vote “no”

  5. We are in a pandemic, and the way to handle any crises is to put the priority on keeping familes /seniors/ single parents/ and the lower income /fix income/ social sercurity/disabled first andt hose that have adequate Income and comes last ,, And we must our Local and government Officals and those who we place in office Must be held accountable bottom line……. Move quickly time ..

  6. Vote for officails that are for the people by the people and represent the people. This is a majority black community. Keep the jobs in the community. Education, police, courts, hospitals, grocery stores; everything and watch your area change for the better for all of your citizens.#1 keep God first.

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