Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

17 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood mayoral candidates will need to address Mayor Butts’ behavior towards women

    1. Right is Right and I’m far from ” naive’ that politics is a dirty game but my man Butts done crossed lines that even go beyond political norms.

      Dude is literally going around harassing, exhibiting a relative ease of displaying a non stop deliberate abusive pattern towards women.

      Today as we speak the Council held an emergency closed session meeting to discuss another lawsuit vs the Mayor.

      Damn , Calling the Mayor out because he apparently no longer adheres to sound advice.

      It’s time to put pressure on those whom sit complicity in silence and enable him.

    2. Mayor Butts is an angel using Trump as example/ I disagree with his politics/ so politics is a B he is covered by law suits/ to get elected u must be selected in Inglewood/the game is over/the color is green/gentrification train is here Get on board/ u must have a ticket to ride/he bought a wolf ticket with Dotson?Padilla loans to get elected however that is politics

  1. Oh dear just checked for a candidate that “dreamed” of being mayor. Hopefully there is more than one since the “financial planner” shows her only education listed on the marketing brochure as Morningside High School. Unfortunately that does not say much for diverse work experience based on educational achievement. Being a mom does include diverse skills but not enough needed by the Mayor of any city.

    Unfortunately as stated by another this sounds like the last question response for the Miss America crown. Turn this way, smile pretty, hip toss model stance is not what this community needs for a mayor, ( perhaps the current mayor’s love of a photo op has led some to believe media image posing is what the job is really about.)

    Has this person or the other candidates been involved in any real community impact meetings? I don’t see any local government experience or any significant issues of concern listed. What was the response to the Stadium or Arena Environment Report? Were comments submitted re taxing residents for the Elevated Monorail for the Kroenke-Ballmer Pockets?

    Perhaps I missed something but let us hope voters are not so foolish as to vote for a candidate for their outward appearance either ethnicity or gender but rather for a candidate willing to stand in opposition when needed to do that which is right for residents instead of what benefits donors, and for someone who carefully considers the impact their decisions have on the community of residents.

    This election I pray our residents choose wisely …and that the votes of informed residents out number the votes cast by those who believe the glossy mailer hype. Let’s ask the real hard questions and not fall for the pie in the sky the billionaires want us to believe.

    And Lord please let it be someone who can keep his/her pants/panties on !

    1. 👌 insight

      I was tempted to write a long dissertation to your response because it baffles me of the hypocrisy of these elected officials and community leaders as their silence to these allegations speaks volumes.

      So let’s draw a line in the sand and call their bluff.

      I’ve asked and repeatedly ask til this day in written and email correspondence to the City Attorney and City Manager Artie Fields to retain outside legal Council to investigate these claims

      I challenge this young lady and all community leaders to do the same.

  2. Mr. McCoy you’re right on point with this one!

    Being silent is being complicit!

    It’s time for George Dotson, Alex Padilla, Eloy Morales, Dionne Faulk, Aisha Thompson, Maxine Waters, Steve Ballmer, Stan Kroenke, Dean Spanos, Holly Mitchell, Autumn Burke, Steve Bradford and all Metro Board members to stop drinking Mayor Dirty Jimmy Butts’ Kool-Aid and PUBLICLY DENOUNCE and DEMAND Butts put 4 R’s in action immediately for the sake of Inglewood.


    First, they should demand Jimmy take accountability and RESOLVE all the lawsuits and claims the City is facing because of his traffic accident and sexual predatory behavior.

    Keep in mind, the taxpayers’ tab will continue to go up daily until all legal issues are resolved.

    Secondly, they should put pressure on Butts to RESIGN from being Mayor, on the Metro Board and from any other leadership positions he holds.

    A man who demands sexual favors at City Hall is NOT fit for office!

    Butts claims he loves the City of Inglewood, yet his bully and sexual predatory behaviors have become such distractions it’s impossible for him to effectively lead Inglewood and he should RESIGN immediately!

    Then, they should encourage Jimmy to completely RETIRE and sit his dirty old ass down for good.

    He should put any future thoughts of running for any elected position out of his mind FOREVER.

    Butts is already fundraising to run for Inglewood Mayor again and word has it Jimmy talked about running for LA County Sheriff, which is beyond a scary thought!

    And finally, they should suggest Butthead check into REHAB for being a constant liar, control freak, bully and sexual predator.

    Sad part, Jimmy is such a narcissist who does not think his criminal actions are wrong and illegal so REHAB probably would not work in this case.

    1. I don’t think Holly Mitchell cares for all Black women, just a select few. She founded a women’s democratic club to uplift women for office and they endorsed a man. Says a lot.

      1. Holly Mitchell has been lacking for years when it comes to helping, supporting and putting black women first.

        Keep in mind Holly is the looney liberal who led budget negotiations in 2019 to give ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in Cali health insurance when there are black women and men for that fact, who do not have health insurance because they can not afford the monthly premiums even with help from the Affordable Care Act.

        At the time Holly said quote, “California believes that health is a fundamental right.”

        Go figure!

        And to cover that fundamental right, legal citizens in Cali are penalized and taxed extra to pay for illegal immigrants to have health insurance.

        Go figure again!

        But yet Black women continue to support her simply because she’s black.

    2. It’s the absurdity of it all. it get’s entirely too much @ times. l love people and I was born and raised that way and the depths of this complicity and the fake ignorance of folks pretending like they don’t know the Mayor get down is too much.

      Don’t get me started on the City Clerk and her fraudulent ways

      Then you have this lady who was coordinating to run for the Mayor seat after he resigned, never made any public comments about his behavior because she was aiming for his support .

      Now all the sudden she gonna put an end to it if she gets into office.

      It’s all @ game and I’m tired of folks like these opportunist eating off Inglewood folks

      This is some b.s.

    3. The problem is a lot of people entangled or enjoined in James. Butts crime.

      Follow the money.

      1. Yes
        we should all become MONEY AWARE and know
        Who gives the money to fund the glossy campaign mailers,
        What they expect in return if their candidate wins
        When, if ever, they have ever cared about Inglewood except for
        what they can get from us
        Where they have gotten the money to spend in Inglewood

        Where do all those tax dollars we are paying get spent
        What qualifications are required to apply for those over the top
        Why do executives get outrageous bonuses
        Why are we paying so many attorneys
        What makes it okay to treat one district differently from others
        Why is public property ie books discarded without public input
        Why is Inglewood City Hall so dangerous we need extra
        SECURITY to keep residents out.

        Each Candidate should insist :
        Minutes be posted every meeting rather than when convenient
        for the well paid city clerk


        Each Agenda Item should be debated and discussed in public with no back room deals

        1. I absolutely agree. I ‘ve been absolutely quiet because I see the silliness already.

          The same people that enabled James Butts are now lining up to take his seat.

          I get the game is the game. But as a woman running for office I just don’t rationalize how defending or advocating for women who allege abuse by the hand of the Mayor.

          I mean if you make this grand announcement on social media and your angle to campaign is being a woman , why not advocate for these women to get justice now?

          All i’m saying that this so -called new ” candidate” has been telling everyone , its been her dream to run for office and laid out a plan to run after Butts retired.

          Not one time has this person expressed you know dismay at these allegations against the Mayor.

          Same candidate gets directly questioned about these allegations today and she feigns ignorance to the allegations.

          Then says when she’s elected all this gonna end.

          Nah stand tall now.

          Because as a woman. If you’re going to run this gimmick as ” Black Girl Magic ” and yet you won’t lend your voice to the issue matters the most to women . It says alot about your agenda to me.

          Stop making this about Holly Mitchell or making her the scapegoat 2urbangirls.

          Hold all politicians to the same measure of accountability.

          The games and the game behind the game is exhausting

        2. Exactly the questions we should be asking ?

          It seems like these ” gimmick” campaigns prevents real questions from being asked.

          It’s the silliness of it all.

          It’s like the biggest hustle on earth and continues to get even more silly

          Now we got American Idol proclomations of how it’s been their childhood dream to run for Mayor.

          All this is becoming a reality show.

          It’s too much

    4. I’ll leave it here.

      There are people behind the scenes that sense the Mayor’s days are numbered and trying to influence the next administration.

      Its not lost on me that the same people that have are attempting to manipulate the next elections to set up a pay day for themselves.

      Look @ Aisha Phillips and how the process was rigged so she would run unopposed for City Clerk

      Look how the process was rigged for Dionne Faulk to run unopposed.

      These women are pushing ” Black Girl Magic” and celebrating being the first black woman being elected to the Inglewood City Council but yet you don’t use your seat of power to advocate for these allegations to be investigated and appropriate actions taken?

      But yet Holly Mitchell is the issue? Yeah ok

      I really publicly try to be quiet but the games and gimmicks behind these folks who supposed to be for us be robbing us
      I personally myself believe we need more women representation in office and don’t think I’m attacking that

      But it’s hypocritical for women , men , employees, donors and community members to promote one thing in public but remain quiet in private because they are illegally enriching themselves also..

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