Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood mayor will hear from residents at the polls

  1. Yep they make the Vincent / Eckles years look like the glory days - back when community mattered says:

    Ah wait there is more. Please do not forget the video / media jobs created to run that “state of the art equipment” come out of our tax dollars every month also !!!! Yes that weekly broadcast costs us roughly $250,000.00 per year – for two employees!! (See Transparent California)

    Yes -we have come along way-
    remember when that volunteer – a guy named Mike -showed up with his camera every week and put his VHS “ gavel to gavel complete recording” on cable every week? We could hear the complete staff reports, council discussion/debates, and public comments and we could watch each council member cast their vote which was never a given that each would vote yes.
    We could always tell when that unpaid by anyone volunteer’s arm got tired because the powers that be would not allow a tripod in the council chambers . THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLE DAYS whether we agreed or disagreed with the outcome we held each elected responsible for debating each item recognizing they all significantly impacted US.

    Our access to timely information, participation, and observation has all been eroded away -not by covid but by the current “team” who want us out of the picture.

    Oh but they have done a fine thing we must give them credit for : They have done a fine job of making us grateful for those years when Paul Eckles and Ed Vincent made sure our streets were clean, our children had free recreation and library services and yes OUR VOICES WERE HEARD all at a fraction of the cost.

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