Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

16 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood mayor is ignoring residents safety concerns

  1. Enforcement of the Inglewood codes and laws only work for certain people in North Inglewood on field st and hargrave are two trailers and some sort of machine and on hargrave is a trailer I was consistently cited by code Enforcement until I was forced to get rid of it but the other residents nothing and they are still there and these are worse than mine they had to come in my yard to take pictures

  2. I live on Crenshaw and 90th , it’s the same issue.. I’ve lived here for 9 years and out parked cars have been hit multiple times . It’s so exhausting having to deal with this just because of people speeding down Crenshaw . . Everyday I worry about our safety, we’ve even stopped parking on Crenshaw because we are done with this !

  3. I been living in Inglewood since 1965. On So.VanNess Ave in the and 95th hundred block. The traffic the speed of vehicles are out of control. The racing the speeding down VanNess 3 deep. Is ridiculous. While I’m on the phone talking to the IPD. About the problem the officer tells me that they are aware of the problem. On Sunday is the new norm. I’m asking Why are you waiting to install a dip or bump to slow down the traffic ? Maybe until there is a tragedy. Yes across the street is Los Angeles and I’m on the Inglewood side. Please Mayor James Butts Help make our streets safe children have been killed on our street crossing from St. Eugene Catholic Church/School

  4. Try living around Crenshaw/Imperial ….its drag racing every night and the very nice looking but loud music on the black bikers motorcycles LOL

  5. I see cars speeding down 8th street all the time. 8th and 60th experiencing the same issues.

  6. I recorded a video of the Last accident at this very corner. If you want a copy, contact me…its really bad car accident.

    Car was traveling at least 50-60 mph at the time of crash

  7. Couldn’t agree more. Maitland ave is the same way. Cars and other scooters and quads flying down the street on a daily basis. They won’t do anything until Inglewood is fully gentrified

  8. 18street is taking over Inglewood. Soon Inglewood stores would have to pay these gangs to set up shop in Inglewood.

    The stadium, casino and motels will be big business for sex trafficking.

    Cesspool Century !

  9. The Mayor ‘s fan club would tell you to see the bright side after all your property values are up so stop being so negative and give Butts a raise . Life could be worse…

    So let’s consider would they be right —we’ll sort of – most properties in California have gone up ~but who cares if sell your HOME for $800,000 and find another house anywhere west for less than a mill and a half!

    And there is that other thing to be grateful for ….
    anyone living on “the avenues” (for years considered the sacred cow streets)probably will not get the unkind, thoughtless, irresponsible, entitled feeling “fan traffic” that neighborhoods to the south and west of Butts’ sports Mecca will be overrun by. Some neighborhoods will be absolutely unable to enjoy their community safely on Event days…

    Time to wake up fellow residents…
    the only thing Butts cares about is that you worship him

    1. You are so correct that is the only thing Butts cares about, he is a hood Donald Trump! He cares for himself and I believe he NEVER cared for Inglewood, he needs to be gone just like Donald Trump. I have lived in Inglewood for over 10 years and Butts believes he is God, he is shameful.

      1. The only people on earth tearing up are Leftist like yourself.

        Patriots dont SHIT where they sleep. You got the game entirely wrong.

        Trump 2020

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