Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood mayor continues to evade accountability for his actions

  1. Has anyone else noticed that so many people who have David Gould as their campaign Treasurer seem to think they work for the campaign donors rather than the people they solicit votes from?


    1. Mayor Butts wants us to believe he had no idea who was being paid from his campaign funds. It’s hard to believe he’s that careless unless he benefits directly from these questionable payments.

  2. Marvin thank you for standing up to the bully, and asking questions.

    That right to ask questions of our elected is the foundation of democracy!,

    There are a few issues of concern that seem to missing re our police department assets… I know the list is much longer than the few seconds of comment time permitted allow.


    1).the greatly celebrated presence of an Inglewood Police car being a first responder to the Saugus High School shooting on Nov 19, 2019 is troubling. That vehicle could have been of little assistance to the residents of Inglewood who paid for it, the insurance on it and the salary of the OFF-DUTY INGLEWOOD OFFICER who was taking his child to school that morning 40 plus driving miles away! How many of OUR CARS have become essentially allotted for personal use of our employees?

    And re the need to comment on another’s emotional state of happiness ….

    2). you mentioned the son of the mayor, perhaps acting in a less than appropriate fashion but hey fair is fair the mayor’s daughter is not exactly a do the right thing person either….her orchestrating a physical attack on her landlord resulted in her avoiding rent while spending time in state housing. That just might be an embarrassment to someone who claims to have law enforcement at the core of his being – – probably not too “ happy” making.

    Who knew by comparison that “Judge Dorn” who disregarded the people’s vote to reverse the 400% salary increase would look like such a considerate soul?

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