Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood is providing conflicting information related to the TOD plans

  1. Thank you for thinking that through and sharing !!!!!
    …Now you know why Butts doesn’t allow staff reports in council meetings – someone might accidentally tell the truth !

    Please tell your neighbors how this works.

    Look up for yourself comstockpartnersllc and notice the Dulles Reston station. Look familiar? Ask yourself why the Comstock guy is giving Campaign money to JAMES T BUTTS?

    Still can’t see it …….look at that map you received about the zoning change and the Bridge over the San Diego Freeway
    And then compare with the Comstock website…..think it through Dulles is and Airport, Jimmie wants you to vote to increase taxes on Hotel Guests which are passed through the Hotel Company for future transit development ….Comstock partnered with Marriot

    What are the chances if you vote yes in November he will tell the world you were really voting yes that you wanted more high rise hotels just like he tells the lie that we voted for a stadium?

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