Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood is a destination city for women to sleep with Mayor Butts

  1. Only a very insecure male emotionally needs to bully women verbally as we saw with Judy Dunlap, Wanda Brown, and the go choke yourself outburst. Only an exceptionally insecure male needs to use threats of employment control to garner sex .

    By their silence each city official mentioned has shown us they are spineless beings unworthy of anyone’s respect.

    Just curious and wondering in which state is Dionne claiming to have earned a law degree? If she had such great expense, and spent so much time studying why did she not take/pass the bar exam ? Her names Young/Faulk were not recognized as a licensed attorney on the California Bar Website.

    What a sticky little web of “not exactly all they allude or claim to be” puppets…
    Imagine if we didn’t elect puppets we wouldn’t have so many legal bills or lawsuits would we?

  2. Just saw the City posted an agenda Saturday afternoon at 12:06pm saying there WOULD NOT be a city council meeting on Tuesday, March 30th.

    Hmmmm that seems SUSPICIOUS!!!

    I’m guessing Mayor Foot Rubs can’t stand the heat that’s on his dirty BUTT right about now!

    The mayor, city council members, city manager, HR manager and city attorney are definitely AVOIDING public comments.

  3. Mayor Butts is the fall guy/ Inglewood has always been one of the most corrupted cities west of Mississippi since 1960 since I have lived here/ Stay tuned/Folks will sing like canaries/I hope Jimme kept book on folks/ ALWAYS C Y A POLITICS IS A B//// TRUST BUT ALWAYS VERIFY/ ON DOLLOR BILL/ IN GOD WE TRUST/ WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT

    1. Fall guy is a person blamed for something done by someone else.

      So if James T Butts is being blamed for something done by another, you must think he has an evil twin who has sat in on all council meetings and made all his public appearances and is such a convincing actor not even the real WIVES (yes plural) or assorted sex-mates knew they were not with the real James T Butts…

      ……so what do you think the evil brother did to make the real former Police Chief James T Butts forget how to charge the fake with impersonation or identify theft

      Are you suggesting foul play? Kidnapping ? Or worse?

  4. The women are NOT “SLEEPING” with Mayor Butts.

    Saying sleeping with implies the women are consenting.

    The women are NOT consenting.

    Mayor Butts is DEMANDING and FORCING the women to perform perverted sexual acts on him and be hypnotized in his 9th floor City Hall office.

    Just think if Artie Fields, Jose Cortes, Kenneth Campos, George Dotson, Alex Padilla, Eloy Morales and Ralph Franklin would have taken Melanie’s sexual harassment claims seriously and investigated Mayor Butts sexual predatory and bully behavior in 2018 and 2019, Jane Doe would NOT have been sexually assaulted in 2020.

    They’re all just as NEGLIGENT as Mayor Butts.

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