Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood District 4 Town Hall felt like an infomercial

  1. I have been a property owner for 54yrs and never, never, have I seen such à hunger for money that Butt!’s and his council persons are doing!! We have stores, food places, forum, sci-fi Clipppers on their way, stimulus money. parking , hospital Street.TV. where is all the taxes collected from all of the above??
    We can’t compare Hawthorne or any cities ln southern California with all the taxes that Inglewood is receiving!! Basket Ball, Baseball and the Forum, etc!!
    Sooooo, why are the residents of Inglewood not be compensated instead of being taxed???
    Mrs Emma J Lathern

  2. Yes Marvin you are sold as am I and our neighbors all without our permission.

    Just like years ago uprooted, as if our attachments don’t matter. Like then we are soon to be sent far away from our homes to start a new life so others can have the land to build the “complexes” to pack others in like sardines or in our case cargo to make a greater fortune at the expense of others.

    The falsehood that we made or even had a a choice when our quality of life is being destroyed right before our eyes is among the most revolting of sales pitches. No one got to vote for the stadium but the selected puppets sitting in the city council chairs

    From the ripping out of the clean air generators (tree canopy), the massive import of carcinogen creators (traffic), the elimination of parking from 7am to 10 pm in front of businesses when events being at 7 pm to the concept that Inglewood residents and homeowners should pay taxes to cover infrastructure improvements for the billionaire guests is insulting

    Cute of you to ask where are the tangible benefits to the community are?. I can hear the chuckles around caviar and champagne table Are those belly laughs about the foolish selected small business owners who had the photo ops with the dictator only to find out they were the first to have their buildings demolished.

    Yep we are being sold whole lot of #&*#,!

    Let’s Keep our small businesses here and and all our homes low density. We deserve the same right to single family homes as in other neighborhood!

    Tell these elected No to NEW TAXES, NO to RE-ELECTION ., and NO WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED

  3. I’m sold on that ‘No.’. Mayor Butts, pay your own way out of your mess.

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