Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood city council continues to ignore COVID-19 pandemic

  1. I totally agree. Why is it every other city is being waived for street parking. For those who has lost there jobs, home with children, or self quarantine.
    City of Inglewood continues to ticket cars. When they know more cars would be parked due to pandemic. I have not gotten a response from council at all regarding this situation.
    So sad.

  2. It is a shame because as a small business woman and a self employed who has been hit hard during this pandemic, i was looking forward to get help from my city council just as i see others getting. I have been a resident and business owner in Inglewood for 4 years. As a licensed massage therapist in Inglewood, I cant do business because of the pandemic but our Inglewood leadership has totally and woefully failed its residents. It is a real shame.

  3. This is a shame. Our political leaders are letting us down on every level. They have become mercenaries like the president and only pursue what is good for their personal and political benefit.

  4. Leadership in Inglewood? They are all political opportunists who ignore us the residents. The City Council, Butts, Bradford, Burke and Gloria Gray. Vote them out!

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