Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood City Clerk refuses to provide election documents to the public

  1. Correct this is not the yearly property tax this is the transfer tax applied when the property ownership changes as in when the home or business building and lot are sold.

    For the mayor/ city council members to say it will only affect 2% would mean that our home prices would never go up from where they are today….so who is chewing that 5 cent pack of seven sticks of juicy fruit gum ? Here is a truth gas in the 1970’s when Butts began driving was 27 cents a gallon and new cars were a whopping $2,000.00 brand new . So even James Butts knows the price of all homes in Los Angeles County someday very soon be over $ 1,200,000.00 – homes just like ours on smaller lots in Westchester are often more expensive than that today!!!!!

    Get those crayons out and do the math yourself He wants to raise the tax to more than 3 times what it is today 55+55=110+55=165 yep MORE THAN 3 times.

    And claim it is for our safety !?!!! What the blankety blank blank is the crock of Silly Half-baked Irresponsible Toxin is that. Look at our Yearly Tax bills and look how many times we have fallen for that pack of lies.

    What happened to the money that designated for the new police station we got a movable picture of a station for that ballot item . And what did we get instead – oh wait the ground breaking just happened with golden shovels we will have a basketball court and another 20,000 disrespectful trash dropping tourists.

    A yes on this ballot will only throw money in the general fund for the next round of sexual encounter lawsuits, more tourists clogging our intersections the elimination of local homes and business as the eminent domain attorneys are hire to take our homes from us and rotten air quality until.

    VOTE NO and follow up every meeting with a definite BUTTS and his cronies HAVE GOT TO GO.

  2. Thank you Ms. Giardini for making the point that this new property tax will soon be the reality for EVERY SINGLE HOMEOWNER in Inglewood simply because property values increase over time!!!

    Why on earth should we be paying the same rate as the wealthiest of San Francisco’s elite populations?

    That James Butts and his band of merry fools approved a project with insufficient parking should not become our burden.

    THE BILLIONAIRES already have BILLIONS of DOLLARS at their right now, today, availability. Let them pay for the privilege of making more money in our community.

    Jimmie already gave them our soul, our police protection, and incredible tax breaks Let’s not give them a part of our homes value as well.

    WE should all VOTE NO !!!

    And just an aside:
    How many believe not giving you sufficient time to read the ballot statements was part of the expectations as condition of Aisha’s extra nearly $ 12,000.00 salary increase ?

    The pattern of deception and denial seems to be the Butts way doesn’t it.

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