Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood campaign donations pays off

  1. Isn’t there a song “buy a politician, stick him in your pocket, tell him how to vote each week“ ? says:

    Thank you Marvin for noticing and bringing to our attention who it is that pays for- rather than benefits from – the fees.

    One can not help but ask isn’t the PH -1 item also a gift of our quality of life to the developers who paid their contribution to the Mayor Butts campaign fund…..?

    Why is it that when residents appeared to address these REZONING items at the planning commission they were told sorry time to close. What? Resident input is not important enough to leave the lights on and let us vent before ignoring resident concern?

    ……..oh wait could it be the truthful answer would be that while public hearings might be a “legal requirement” ….. just like the Miranda Warning James Butts does not believe the LAW applies if he doesn’t like it ?

    As this council will most likely vote to rezone literally for developer benefit to allow multi-story mega condo complexes for transit sake, we can look forward to even more traffic as they proceed to turn what was our community, in the pre-Butts days, into their cash cow.

    Interesting isn’t it that billionaires can find a man (oops correction…a human) and four go-a-longs to compromise their souls for the sake a few dollars and titles, each of which has not even the slightest regard for who they negatively impact?

    On a BIBLE THOT >Since the Mayor thought being Chief of Police was Like being second to God (never mind that trinity thing),… what happened to the supporting cast of ministers who encouraged voting for the group of people who most represent the worldly of 1 John 2:16 ?
    Knowing that the scripture those ministers claim to hold dear clearly shows that Lust of the eyes, Lust of flesh, and Vainglory of life is not of the Father , should we consider their silence a reason to “support missions” not under their influence this year end giving season?

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