Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: HUD releases new CARES Act funding and Inglewood refuses to reopen application filing period

  1. Inglewood residents urgently needs an independent source so that our complaints don’t have to go to Inglewood City Hall and have us ostracized and afraid to tell our problems in order to get help. Also, HUD needs to send complaints for the city to an outside source and stop sending them to Inglewood City Hall when the complaints are sent there first. Many residents are afraid of Butts and his retaliation. Maybe the residents of Inglewood needs legal representation.

  2. My name is sheila scott and I was afraid to tell my story but I see my complaints to Hud about
    My situation with the city of Inglewood ,they have blocked me from every program in this city
    Because I spoke to Odest Riley Jr and said I have been supporting my city and the major since
    Moving here in 1978 ,but every time I ask for something it’s always no.Since that day I have been turned away from all programs in This city.Mr. Pipkin came to my apt complex on 12/15/2019 after my workers comp benefits were exhausted ,brought application out for me to sign ,went and spoke my manager and said he would be paying my rent.she informed me.I called him in January and he said can you pay this month and I reached out to my family for
    Help,next month nothing called no answer.So I went to SER for jobs a senior job program
    In the Inglewood one stop program.she sent application around the same time and it was approve very quickly .I told this to Mr pipkin bkecause my income so low he was concerned as to how I was going to pay after the funds ran out.Ms Rochellsaid it would pay 15.00 hr ,I brought that information to Mr pipkins and next time I met with ms Rochell she started making excuses and stopped answering mr calls but in hind sight they were all working together I reached out to mr Chavez and said he informed them to help me also with housing and jobs
    I’m over65 and 69% of my body is injured but I was willing to try some kind of job.They all made a fool out of me they never intended to help,They also referred me to saint Maugurite catholic charities in Inglewood same thing sharice and chantel said they could help me with my rent because my social check was too low,but she told call Ms Jones at Inglewood housing
    Just playing games ,ms Jones said they pay utilities made an appointment with Jeannine
    Then she not there or call back ,I have been in contact with Jeannie for years being a foster
    Parent for over 20 years and she has helped many of my tenants as I was a resident manager
    In Inglewood for 19 years,The majors nephew was one of my tenants and when my city needed
    To house the homeless I reached to ms Jones and took several in my building,I also had a young
    Lady who worked at city hall in my building,I love Inglewood but I can’t understand why I’m being mistreated for speaking my mind. Now I’m saddled with so much debt trying to stay in my apartment with a 870.00 income and a 790.00 rent each month .I have taken care of people all my life and had it not been for my work injury I would not need help I worked 3 jobs most
    Of life but being on workers comp for 15 years depleted all my social security I had put away after 10 years . I’m not a beggar I’m a very proud black female ,but we all need help sometimes
    My story needs to be told and thanks inspector Lawson from HUD I now feel free to tell it to my city.and the world !!!

    Promised he would help she said she thought

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