Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

12 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Here is how Inglewood mishandled LA County Metro funds

  1. Thompson is actually Butts’ former partner when he was on IPD and got setup with a job at the Forum at Butts’ request. When he got fired, Butts brought him back to the city. How does this new job effect his pension? We remember how many other retirees got let go because it was a conflict. Like Wanda said Butts moves mountains and skirts the law for his friends.

  2. City website says Bill Thompson is over parking now. Wonder how he is tied to Butts.

        1. Apparently like Butts William Thompson never learned to live within his means… Transparent California shows his pension was $ 133,000.00 for the year ending 2019 with retirement in 2007 ! So that means residents of Inglewood have put how many of our employees in the top 1 % of American annual income earners while we are on free school lunch and low income charts !!!
          There is something seriously wrong with this picture.
          As far as nepotism in looking up “Bill” Thompson there is a William Thompson Jr currently employed as a police officer in the City of Inglewood . What are the chances they are related.

  3. Speaking of major embarrassments to the City — it’s time for Wanda Brown to go away. She’s been around City Hall for so long and let impropriety run rampant. It doesn’t get any more incompetent than Wanda! At this point, her reports are plain sad.

    Wanda Brown is as full a disgrace to the city as James Butts and his team. Let’s vote for change in 2020!

    1. Perhaps you believe the treasurer has control over the Human Resources Department -if so please explain how.

      As has been pointed out in this memoranda to the Information Technology Employee the failure is in the human resource department which permitted the hiring of unqualified and certainly a host of persons with unprofessional behavior in their employment backgrounds.

      Any one with a WiFi connection can look-up many of these people including their reasons for resignation/termination from prior jobs which are matters of public record. David Esparza Fiancé Director who was a management level employee with City of Los Angeles Housing Authority misspent on lavish lunches money intended to help the poor. The “go to” sidekick Sharon was “controller” at the water district when Corruption was so rampant several spent times in “state operated confined housing”. Manager Artie somehow forgot to make payments to his former employer for a house loan. Downey had a significant water sanitation issue when Louis Atwell was in charge of that water supply.
      Do your own research on the background of the Mayor’s hiring behavior!! Ask yourself job creation/vacancies were not publicly noticed so that many qualified might apply and Were filled by:
      the former LA Airport (LAWA) employee Butts subordinate oops forgot to report income from his security company .
      Video and social media manager – wow , anyone remember when incapacitated seniors from the convalescent home were bussed in to attend the city hall meeting by Patricia Crenshaw as the reason meetings needed to be held in the afternoon when seniors would be able to attend…. (One of these 90 year olds was screaming for her mama most of the meeting while others were asking when they would get lunch)…. how interesting that suddenly the city ended the low cost contract for video production of the council meetings and special events and magically came up with a job for Patricia’s family member as video manager who has received a few ten thousand dollar increases bringing last years compensation to $ 158,000.00 as reported to the state of California.

      Ya gotta wonder why the people’s who did not re-elect Dan Tabor because he hired Cressida Green Washington Davis after she went to jail, quietly sit and support the current guy who hires multiple people who escape jail sentences only because their prior employers want to avoid prosecution costs.

      Clearly having any elected officials computer unavailable to her and blocking her access to city hall showing in full blown attitude that he is a intimidating bully who only wants praise and will attempt to injure the reputation and income of anyone who confronts him.

      Perhaps Wanda Brown is the only city hall person willing to stand up and tell the public the realities …..
      and if it is only because she is dealing with illness let us be grateful- sometimes that there is a potential of life soon ending becoming a real possibility makes people willing to evaluate their priorities and their prior silence.

      Let us be grateful she is finally speaking out. Perhaps now many understand why others who know the bad stuff are silent. It is likely many more would speak out if they were not afraid of being treated as unkindly as she has been. Or perhaps they need their income to support their families and fear they will be terminated for not doing as told not matter how wrong .

      Let us not forgetWanda Brown’s medical issues are HERS not the Mayor’s to discuss , just as any loan application which Melanie may/may not have misrepresented income was not the banks (which should have simply denied the loan), /Inglewood’s HR Department/or the Mayor’s to discuss at council meetings much less in newspapers…..

    2. So let me understand you want the currently vocal one shouting truth to power to go away………?
      Sounds a lot like the Playa Vista Residents who want the Methane alarms to be turned off – better to die silently unaware than be bothered with the opportunity to save your life .

      Do you not realize she could not hire / fire the dysfunctional or negotiate public works contracts or mismanage the housing department or begin eminent domain proceedings…….?

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