Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Hawthorne mayor, city attorney staff obstructing new city attorney

  1. Anytime someone suggest by being a “new majority” there is automatic goodness, righteous concern for community I have to SCREAM “Share the details” ! Especially when it didn’t take much effort to find that In February 2021 the Enterprise Record reported concerns about the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY and disregard for the BROWN ACT when the City of Chico hired Vincent Ewing. Apparently disregarding the community right to participate took place the very meeting he was hired !
    Perhaps you are unaware the “new majority” of Inglewood has acted completely without concern for public input as they voted to reward a secretary -sexually involved with the mayor -nearly a half million a year in salary and benefits . (A 12 mil lawsuit is in process ) There were some who thought it was racist to question the hiring of this inexperienced woman into “created for her” extremely well paid never before needed positions but let us remember every dollar spent on her benefit package and the attorney fees in the court case are dollars the community could have enjoyed in after- school or senior programs, library services, or in better staffed maintenance/repair or customer service experiences.
    And yes all you sports fans when you can’t get to or from your homes remember it was Inglewood’s “new majority” that wants Inglewood residents to pay for the transportation to make the Billionaires even Richer will you be pleased if your “new majority” begins a tax payer funded project for their contributor’s benefit.
    Sometimes , no not always, questioning isn’t racism it is an attempt to have people share the truth about how public dollars are spent and how decisions voted on impact the entire community.
    Calling those who do not agree with those in power “Obstructionists” is a tactic utilized to avoid being held accountable by many corrupt world leaders in China, Korea, the Middle East as well as Inglewood.
    So please, share the facts of the obstruction rather than simply suggesting racism….. and please do not assume this is meant to defend Vargas or anyone else who may be motivated by hate in their heart. Each Individual should be held accountable for their words and deeds.

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