Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Former NBA MVP Erased, Replaced, Disgraced by Inglewood Unified School District

  1. The Westbrook family has no say in this? So many resources and money donated. IUSD has no concept of legacy.

  2. Why is this a surprise! Torres and Perez are both racist. Neither of them gives 0 fu$&s about African American people. She sits back and allows Perez to do the dirty work. Destroying every black person he can. He closed down a whole department that was predominately African American.(Transportation) He disrespected the Custodial Supervisor Byron Miller,(a black man) telling him to “get his ASS over here”. And if you even dare speak or stand up for yourself…he puts you on LOA. Let’s not forget the gardeners who are also all black males. It’s so unfortunate for Westbrook that his good deed went unnoticed because it wasn’t a “Perez idea”. God doesn’t like ugly…

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