Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Former Inglewood councilman complained to HR about Mayor Butts’ inappropriate relationships with employees

  1. So sad that the multi-year scout leader failed in practicing the principle oath/laws of being a scout. Brave is defined as doing the right thing even when others do not.
    That would include actually debating and discussing agenda items in public and voting independently .

    Ralphies Actions of “going along with Jimmie” spoke much more loudly and clearly than however many words he quietly uttered to the H R director, City Manager or anyone else. What mattered was Ralph was publicly silent and voted to spend tax payer dollars in a lawsuit over jimmies zipper issues, AND he voted each time a new position was created for and given with salary to Melanie

    Ralph had the opportunity to stand tall and be a person worthy of respect but instead chose be “part of the Jimmie team”.

    Residents please, understand each and every time that each individual council member votes for that which is wrong they are selling not only their own soul but selling out the community they were elected to SERVE. Keep in mind they are ELECTED to SERVE the community NOT to LORD OVER us as if we are children or lessor beings.

    1. As has been said this council would need a step ladder to get up to a snake/ Jimmie call your loans and foreclose on rascals Dotson/Padilla both worthless/broke/dumb

  2. Franklin is a coward who doesn’t protect women. He publicly admonished Wanda Brown to appease the mayor but now says he’s “uncomfortable” knowing about the mayor and his assistant? Instead of publicly voting against payment or legal fees, he left with his lifetime medical and more women vulnerable to retaliation. What kind of Christian is he? He left us with Dionne Faulk who is also turning a blind eye so her husbands insurance form can continue to collect contracts. Inglewood is FUCKED!

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