Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Enough is enough!

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights ,
    It is amazing how the community which was once a very diverse group of people from all over the country of assorted faiths, skills and yes, ethnic groups who worked together to create functional schools and community groups has recently bought into the divisive hate, for anyone that does not “look like us”.
    It is sad that the people who came here when there were few buildings and few people and built communities others wanted to live in are now being treated as they have no business being in the very communities they grew up in. It is unfortunate that some poverty pimps and politicians have honed the skills used for centuries to create unkindness and unrest for their own financial and career success. We should all stand together against these forces and tell them to find a job not at taxpayer expense and let the communities heal as neighbors treasure, appreciate, and encourage each other with respect as we enter this most unusual time. As the songwriter so aptly stated Together we sink or Together we float.

  2. How can someone trust what an anonymous person has to say. Aren’t anonymous people stealing identifications and reputations? If this person can’t reveal their identity, what other hidden agendas do they have lurking about. This kind of rhetoric prompts me to vote for the opposition.

  3. Yeah enough is enough! South Los Angeles has became a nightmare to live! Due to all the forced racism, they’ve got everybody exactly where they want them! Divided and everybody fighting everybody else when they should be fighting the government! I have been beat down for the color of my skin more times in the past six months then I can count! I am a disabled woman I am not black nor am I 100% white I am half Native American and half whiteAnd yet I am getting beat down because I’m not black! It hurts my heart because most of my friends are black, I work for a black owned business as a music producer for hip-hop music groups and yet I am also disabled requiring a walker to walk, I am an older woman and I have been put through hell! I would rather live on the streets in South Pasadena Then live in a shared housing in South Los Angeles! just walking to the store is dangerous! If you’re not black you might as well be dead. I hate saying it but that’s how it is. It was never like this before! I’ve hung out and had friends in South Los Angeles for over 30 years but I have never experienced racism like I have in my entire life! These leaders such as Reggie have everybody treating white people like all white people are the devil and that is not right! All of us living in South Los Angeles are in the same boat we are all broke we are all struggling there are food banks all over the place like there are in the white neighborhoods or should I say the elite neighborhoods, they have all these Drive up food banks but what about us in South Los Angeles hula homeless and or do you not have cars we cannot even get food! South LA has never been worse! Back in the 80s when gangs and crack where the biggest thing, I never had any problems walking down the street or getting my mail for instance! They will not deliver mail to our address!

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